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  1. JTheKax

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    Hello there folks. My name is JTheKax and i have just signed up after i found this game using google search engine. Big fan of the dot hack video game franchise and was excited to see this game being created and was thinking "Oh, this game is going to be super cool" I can't wait to play with all of you guys & gals. :)
  2. AzureKite

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    You'll be waiting a long time. Servers have been down for a long time with no official word from the devs as the main dev has vanished into the wind and the other main admins haven't bothered to say anything. Welcome to the graveyard.
  3. Mannenyuki

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    6:28 PM
    Welcome! The game has been out of commission for abit but there are still some loyal members in the forums. Whose to say if it will or wont come back. Just bookmark the page and check in every now and then
  4. Judge

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    Welcome to iridium Based!

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