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Discussion in 'Neko's Tavern' started by Gustafen, Dec 16, 2015.

  1. Gustafen

    Gustafen New Member

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    6:01 PM
    Hello everyone! I'm new to the website and the forms as of today! However, I'm super super excited to see what this game becomes and how it plays!

    Ever since I played my first .hack// game I've wished for something like this to be real! With that said I wish I found this website and group of individuals sooner.

    Just a quick thanks you to the fans and staff that have made this a possibility. I'll see you all on the forms!
  2. Alron Thunderdrummer

    Alron Thunderdrummer Active Member Senior Member

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    2:01 AM
    Hi! nice to see another new face around. welcome to the forums. hope you´ll have a good time here.
  3. TokioKuryuu

    TokioKuryuu Allgegenwärtige Katze Senior Member

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    8:01 PM
    Late... to the party :(

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