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Discussion in 'The World Message Board' started by Crim, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. Crim

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    Siegfre has appointed Dragon Vayu and myself to be Game Masters. At this time there is very little we can do in game to help you that another player cannot assist with, but with future updates we will be getting commands that can help players when they encounter issues in the game.

    Use this thread to request in game help, and should Dragon Vayu and myself not be logged in, we will see it here and can log in to assist. This is not a place to report bugs. Keep those in the announcement page of the latest update. There is a bug section of the forum now.

    Rules of this thread: Keep all posts related to requests and direct responses to requests only. If you need to post images, they should be in game screen captures related to the GM request only. DO NOT post bugs here. This is for instant in game help only.
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    I seem to be unable to sign in with my account on this forum for the game or even regster it just sets there and says connecting alot and alot and alot going on 4 hours now
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  4. Crim

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    This is a GM help thread. Please keep topics to in game help. Technical or server issues are better served elsewhere. Thank you.

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