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Discussion in 'Mechanics and Design' started by Siegfre, Jul 12, 2012.

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  1. Siegfre
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    Some other guild features I think we should have.

    Guild Vault (literal vault that has the items and such in it) the vault is instanced.
    Useable UI
    Achievements - For donating items of a certain value, money, making a certain number of sales, killing a guild enemy etc...
    Extensive Emblem Designer
    Reminder events (Something that shows up on guild member's screens)
    Send invites by typing in name.
    Guild stats: K/D ratio, members, founding date, people healed, people pkd, money acquired, Level/Member ratio, Boosts, Number of guild items.

    Event Creator
    -Choice for instanced or non-instanced
    -Broadcast or private if instanced
    -Goal: Gather, Kill (PvE or PvP), make, get to location, talk to npc... + combinations
    -Event Styles: Tournament, Team, Free For All, Guild Party
    -Bonuses for grouping with guild members.
    -Access to some minor gm area editing abilities temporarily or in an instance.

    Mentoring - Players can be assigned mentor's in the guild. Mentor's can choose to lower their level temporarily to the same level as their pupil to help guide them through content without them killing everything. If the mentor is a higher level then they receive exp equivalent to 1/3 or 1/4 what they'ed normally receive from higher level monsters. The mentored character receives 2x exp when leveling with their mentor if the mentor is a higher level. Also achievements can be gotten for mentoring for a certain period.

    Guild gear - Items in Guild bank can be bound to players temporarily with the guild having the option to take it back at any time. And with it being returned upon leaving the guild. In addition the items cannot be sold, or lost. If a guild member is wearing the armor and their pk'd. Then the other player can get a copy of the armor, and the armor the player is wearing will go back to the guild vault with a reduction in guild funds.

    Redeemable achievements - Guild Chronicling. Players can make 1 chronicle entry per day, with a description that goes with it. Once they reach the level needed for achievement. A mod reviews it and checks to see that the description is not nonsense. Gives a bonus to older guild members once the achievement is met.

    Guild Wide Events: Large server event's where guild's can go to a certain field to help fight off a LARGE wave of monsters that is trying to break through the Chaos Gates.

    Some other ideas:
    • Option to put guild symbol on members clothing.
    • Guild shops - that guild members setup, and in-turn they have access to items in the guild bank. The members that sell the items receive a small profit.
    • Guild levels that provide small boost to members stats or access to new content.
    • Unique guild vs guild content. Like healing contests.
    • Guild alliances, extend guild boost, and guild item boosts. Allow revenue to be divided a certain way from guild shops, allows alliance taxes etc..
    • Only 1 guild can be joined per account.
    • Timeline of all guilds that ever existed. And major events involving them.
    • Guilds should take effort to be formed. Extensive amounts of money, a completion of a group of quests, and level requirements should be necessary to create a guild.
    • Guild warping.
    • Visual guild commands that show up on all members screens can be issues by ranks given the ability.
    • Set your guild as open for recruitment, with a window that shows a list of all guilds that are recruiting.
    • Guild NPC's that can be purchased, they can party with members of any level to help them play. The NPC's are given access to members by guild owners.
    • Guild polls, info alerts, and automated activity systems (kick if player is away for this long, do this only for this rank) etc..
    • Guild rules both official and unofficial with official rules giving guild masters the ability to apply punishments to members for rule violations.
    • Guild Research to gain access to certain features. (Pulling out raw materials from seemingly random dungeons scenery, new guild interaction features. Or for guild wide stat boosts.
    • Items in @home that can be purchased or research that gives buffs or something.
    • Guild vs guild matchmaking.
    • Guilds to have an option of having an election for a new guild leader after a certain period of time has passed.
    • Allow recruitment through applications.
    • Guild funding, a player can be given access to a certain amount of guilds funds, or a percentage of total guild funds.
    • Guild merging.
    • Unique guild items that give entire guilds some kind of boost. The item will drop at random when guild members above a certain rank are pk'd.
    A nice portion of this was thanks to ideas from
  2. Keramory

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    I never intended to touch this much because this is Siegfre's baby...but a quick idea...
    Do we want to label the LARGE guilds as "Clans"?
    Different games call them different FPS's call them clans. MMOs call them guilds. Just figured to make use of both names, and really show a difference in say a regular guild...and a fudging CLAN.
  3. Aryth

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    We can give them choices. Some may want to be clans, while others may become large enough to be kingdoms, etc. I think it's a good idea in general though. O.O
  4. Siegfre
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    Siegfre [IridiumBased] President Staff Member

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    Umm, well we can change the name. It doesn't really need to be "Clan" though does it? That doesn't have a hint of .hack//-esque. Some alternatives are "House", "Ring", "Sect", "Moeity", "Cabal".
  5. Keramory

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    Actually why dont we just give the players a choice when they make the group? They can call it the "name" guild...or "name" clan....or "name" sect, etc
  6. Siegfre
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    Siegfre [IridiumBased] President Staff Member

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    Right, that's fine, there's no specific reason we need to label them anyway.

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