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Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Lunex, Aug 11, 2018.

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    If we're talking specifically Danmachi, then I'd go with what Flame said since I'm not up to date on the LNs.

    In general though, I believe it depends on the intention of the dungeon. If the dungeon itself is man-made, then the number of entrances is arbitrary, as it would have simply been determined by the architect(s).

    Alternatively, there could be a different explanation if it's a natural dungeon, as in created by the natural elements and processes of the world like erosion or whatever. For example, if it was originally a cave created by an underground water source that developed into a rapids or something which was then inhabited by monsters after the fact, then the number of dungeon entrances would have been originally determined by the forces that created the cave in the first place.

    If we're taking a living or modular dungeon concept however, then it would definitely be determined by the dungeon's host, the being in control of the dungeon itself. Whatever that being decides is best is what's gonna happen, and the reasoning then boils down to why it was considered the best course of action.

    As far as whether the entrances can be in any way manipulated from the outside... I suppose it depends on the lore and material makeup of the dungeon. If the material is too advanced for outside forces or, like before, has some kind of "plot armor" such as a forcefield or whatever then it makes sense that something outside cannot affect anything inside. Otherwise, they should be able to.
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    I however am up to date in the LNs, as much as English readers can be, at least. Feel free to bring up anything you want on the spoiler thread if you want me to say something further.
    Actually the longer we talk about the series, the more it seems we should move to the spoilers thread.

    But from not looking at the written source, let me ask another question to put this into perspective. Assuming the dungeon is either a living creature or under the will of a living creature, why it might regenerate, then why does it have an entrance at all? If it were all about protecting it's core, than even if it were formed outside in, sealing itself of from the outside would be the wisest decision.

    Since there is an entrance, that would imply that either the will behind the formation either wants something to come in, or it could be thought of as an exit, and it wants monsters to come out. In either case, since the one known entrance is essentially capped off, and assuming there's still a will behind the cave system, than would it not be in it's interest under such circumstances to change its design to allow for other entrances/exits to complete this function?

    Now what flame says about people mapping the upper floors decreases the idea that an effort to expand to the surface in other ways has thus yet taken place. However, that still assumes that such an expansion happened on the surface floors. Considering the dungeon is supposed to be in a spiral form, that means it grows bigger the further down it goes. And I assume with growing danger the lower one goes, the less people stop to look for paths that don't lead up or down the way you want to go. What if there were paths from lower floors, even the lowest one, that led up to other surface floors, ones that adventurers hadn't mapped because it is in no way connected to the one under the city.

    Course, one thing going against my theory is that I think they established that strong monsters emerged from the one known surface entrance, so if such an entrance was around for a while, nations without upper levels would be overrun when things eventually came to the surface. Unless of course they'd been keeping it under wraps or the entrance/exits were extremely recent.
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    Simply to eat. It needs no other entrance because enough people come into the dungeon as it is through the main entrance. Why not eat the monsters you ask? Because it's basically a part of it. It released parts of it's self to kill outside beings to feed on them.

    As for why it just doesn't block things off... it's a common point in Dungeon(not just dnamachi) lore that blocking a route to the core is a no go. In many ways as it is in dungeon logic that creating an unbreakable door with no possible way to open it would be super weak while an unbreakable door with a riddle to open it is almost (actually) unbreakable. There is always some hidden force that is there to balance both sides.
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    Just another thing about monsters and what makes them... well monsters.

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