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    How can I play the game?
    Currently, the game is in closed alpha, so you will need an alpha key to get in. On Fridays and Saturdays, however, testing is open for everyone. You do not need a key to enter the game on those two days of the week.
    How do I get an alpha/beta key?
    To get an alpha/beta key, you must either donate $40 or be an active, contributive forum member. If you donate, please send a private message to Siegfre with the email you used to make the transaction and/or a confirmation pic.
    Where do I download the game?
    The latest version of the game, for testing purposes, will be uploaded in the Progress Updates section of the forum.
    I'm having ____ problem in the game. What do I do?
    Go to the Bug Reports section of the forum, and in the thread for the current version (it will be stickied) post a reply about your issue. If there is a workaround or fix, someone will inform you. Otherwise, by posting there, you are alerting the developers of the problem, so they can fix it.
    Is there a Mac or Linux version of the game?
    It depends. When Siegfre has time, he creates both Mac and Linux builds for the most current version; however, they generally come shortly after the Windows build. Do note that certain builds of the game may only have a Windows version. Please be patient until a build comes up that you can use.
    What can I do to help out? (See v2 below)
    First and foremost, you can spread the word. Secondly, you can be active in the forum. Lastly, and this is most likely what you really want to know about, is the creation aspect. If you have some sort of idea for the game, please take it to the Community Creator section. If you do not find what you are looking for there, then the development team does not need help in that area. Occasionally, however, they may make a request, so be sure to keep an eye on the forum.
    What can I do to help out? v2
    The positions you can apply for are similar to as follows:​
      • Graphic artist
      • 3D artist/model maker
      • Music producer
      • Voice actor (I'm not sure if or when voice actors will be needed.)
      • Forum moderator
      • Game moderator
    Of those, pick one, and only one. Using what you think would be necessary to perform that job, build a resume-type document, and message it to Siegfre, Aryth, and Keramory all in a single conversation. From there, the dev team will decide whether or not you're a good fit and if they need another worker in the slot you have applied for.
    Here are some pointers that I would like to give you.​
      • Be sure to include your qualifications, any experience you have in the area you are applying for.
      • Include what it is you are trying to accomplish by joining the team.
      • If applicable to the position, include your best samples. In fact, I highly suggest against applying to the first four I listed without good samples.
    Now that that's out of the way, you should know that neither donations nor production-aid are necessary to help out IridiumBased. The best thing that our members can do is spread the word. While you may not be able to donate, someone that you end up telling may actually be able to. If not that person, then someone that he/she recommends the site to. Etc... etc... Never underestimate the power of contact networks.
    Isn't this a copyright violation?
    TL;DR = No, it's not.
    How do I use the shoutbox?
    There are multiple ways to acquire shoutbox privileges. They are as follows:
    • Create at least 300 posts.
    • Acquire at least 75 likes.
    • Donate enough money to acquire the "Backer" title.
    • Be active in the community for at least six months.
    • Be consistently active in testing the game for no less than two months.
    If you stick around for a while, you will undoubtedly complete one of these requirements before you know it.
    Can I make videos about the game or stream it?
    Yes to both. We are ok with you making videos about the game or streaming it. The only thing we ask is that you try and keep the topic of the video/stream away from content because we have not released much yet. Hype and information videos/streams are perfectly fine. Just keep in mind that any pictures or videos you take of the game could be of content that may change (and in most cases probably will) before the game's release.
    Will the game be on Steam?
    The Team has entertained the idea, and I believe Siegfre said it might. However, the Team may change their mind in the future. Assuming they do not, it will be a long time before the game makes it onto Steam.
    Versión Española
    ¿Cómo puedo jugar al juego?
    Actualmente el juego está en “closed alpha”, por lo que para jugar necesitarás una clave. Sin embargo los viernes y los sábados cualquiera que lo desee puede probar el juego sin necesidad de clave.​

    ¿Cómo puedo obtener una clave alfa / beta?
    Para obtener una clave alfa / beta , debes donar $40 o ser un miembro activo y participativo del foro. Después de donar envía un mensaje privado a Siegfre con el correo electrónico que utilizaste para hacer lab transacción y / o una captura de pantalla de la confirmación de pago (acuérdate de borrar tus datos personales).​

    ¿Dónde puedo descargar el juego?
    La última versión del juego, todavía en estado de pruebas, se encuentra en la sección Últimas versiones del foro.​

    Tengo ____ problema en el juego. ¿Qué hago ?
    Ir a la sección de informes de error, y en el hilo de la versión actual del juego (estará pinchado) podrás publicar tu problema. En caso de que no haya una solución estarás ayudando a los desarrolladores a informar sobre posibles nuevos errores y mejorar así el juego.​

    ¿Hay una versión para Mac o Linux?
    Sí y sí. Siegfre saca versiones del cliente tanto en Mac como en Linux de la versión más actual (suelen aparecer poco tiempo después de la de Windows).​

    ¿Qué puedo hacer para ayudar?
    En primer lugar, ¡corre la voz!. En segundo lugar puedes participar activamente en el foro. Por último necesitamos ayuda con cualquier parte de la creación del juego. Si tienes alguna idea para mejorar TheWorld, por favor compártelo en la sección Creaciones de la Comunidad. Comprueba que tu idea se adapta a alguno de los temas propuestos por el equipo de desarrollo. Este foro se actualiza con asiduidad, ¡acuérdate de echarle un ojo de vez en cuando!.​

    ¿Este juego no es una violación de los derechos de autor?
    TL;DR = No, no lo es.

    ¿Cómo uso la “shoutbox”?
    Hay varias maneras de usar la “shoutbox”, son las siguientes:
    ◦ Escribe al menos 300 posts.
    ◦ Consigue al menos 75 Me Gusta.
    ◦ Dona lo suficiente para conseguir el título de "Promotor".
    ◦ Participa regularmente en la comunidad durante al menos seis
    ◦ Sé un jugador activo del juego durante dos meses o más.
    ¡Cuando te des cuenta de lo divertido y fantástico que es este juego y su comunidad ya no podrás dejárlo!​

    If you have a question regarding the game that was not answered here, or if you think a question should be added, please message me immediately. I will do my best to solve the problem.
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    [April 20, 2014] UPDATE: Added in the part about messaging Siegfre after donating.
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    [April 21, 2014] UPDATE: Added a Spanish version since 1/7th of the world speaks that language. I've only taken four years of this language, so please let me know if there are any errors in the translation.
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    [June 22, 2014] UPDATE: The question of whether or not this game violates any copyright laws has been added.

    If you speak and read Spanish fluently, please review the translation of that quote. It was too long for me to translate, so I threw it into the following website: If there are any errors, please message me immediately.
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    [Sept. 08, 2014] UPDATE: Added in the requirements for the shoutbox.
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    [Sept. 11, 2014] UPDATE: Changed the part about Mac and Linux versions of the game. Both are now supported, and builds for them are often created.
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    [Sept. 11, 2014] UPDATE: Wow. Somehow, I had completely forgotten to include the whole open alpha access on Fridays and Saturdays ordeal. No wonder we get so many questions about it.
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    [Oct. 4, 2014] UPDATE: Thanks to this amazing guy, Excel, the Spanish translation has been refined so that it actually makes sense to native Spanish speakers.
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    [Oct. 24, 2014] UPDATE: Added in "What can I do to help out?" version 2 to provide a more in-depth explanation.
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    [Mar. 24, 2015] UPDATE: Added two more questions: streaming/making videos and whether or not the game will be on Steam.
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    [Feb. 11, 2016] REQUEST: If you fluently speak any language other than English or Spanish and would like to help out, I'm looking for people who can translate the FAQ into other languages.

    Any language aside from English, Spanish, Egyptian, Ancient Greek, and Latin would be greatly appreciated. Please do not simply run one of the already posted versions through a translator program. I would like your translation to be done by an actual, living human being.

    Please PM me for more information or to submit a translation.
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