Fliardis and Demeter[KNIGHT]

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    So... i'll post this one today.
    A Knight weapon.
    Flidais and Demeter.
    1. Flidais is a celtic goddess of beasts, she had a chariot pulled by eight deers.
    2. Demeter i think that most here knows, she's a greek god of harvest.
    Those two were the basis for the name of the weapon.
    Flidais is the shield, and Demeter is the sword.
    The sword is a long sword.
    The diameter of the shield is 4 heads. [It's a very big shield, it covers most of the body.]
    And the size of the blade is 12 heads[Almost an spear, it's reach is VERY long.]
    [The sword is a rapier. It has 3 thorns before the end of the blade, and is meant to stab.]
    The handle is an D-handle, most common handle of a rapier.

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