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Discussion in 'Lost Grounds' started by Asani, Dec 2, 2013.

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    Θ Hidden Forbidden Dragonbein

    Most players had a favorite dungeon, or 'adventured' to the same field type over and over. People-- in The World or out-- are creatures of habit.

    Asani was no different. She sat, leaning against her pole-arm, looking out over the vast field of clouds and pale sunlight. She was by no means new to the Game, though more often than not preferred to go it alone. Moving around in a party often meant spilling resources out to 'help' people who were often too lazy to help themselves. Every so often a few people might ask her to join their group for a raid, but it wasn't the norm.

    The World was a place to escape the hectic lifestyle she had. This particular field, being different than the others, and usually left alone, was a perfect place for her to come to relax. And so she did. The pathways seemed to go on forever, with no encounters to speak of, and never once had she run into another player.

    OOC: Please excuse the poor beginning-- I stink at them. There's no real character sheet up yet for Asani, as I have chosen to make her character as I go. All you really need to know is her in game name is Asani and she's a Lancer. If you join, note who you post after and please keep in a orderly fashion. I've been in too many multi-person RP's where I am left behind.
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    Kryptic Has Entered The World.

    Her presence here was a random roll of the dice. Literally. She rolled the dice before logging in and here is where it told her to begin her research! The odd, dark skinned woman enjoyed her research. She studied maps, monsters anything that she believe would be of aid in the business of being a wave master. Large circular glasses seemed settled over her nose, on her head a ridiculously huge hat with a bell on the end. What she wore screamed researcher. Or “nerd” whichever worked best!

    “Oh my, oh my my my! What have we here?”

    The was a cowardly streak within her at times and new places tended to freak her out this place as serene as it seemed was no exception. She tread carefully, staff extended eyes squinted. Fidgeting at every noise heard she would whip about and narrate her actions.

    "Day one, I have arrived in an unknown dungeon due to dice experiment nine. Feeling? Okay so far but this place probably is a trap. Note, I would feel better if the guild I employed was here but fear that after the ahhh incident they will never want to work under my care again. Their loss."

    Krypt's dour outlook had been right on several occasions so she felt justified on the high amount of paranoia. After her first checks seem okay she seems to relax that is until she spies Asani. Creeping closer her staff in front of her she likely gives away her intentions mainly because she forgets hat she is narrating. There was also the hat bell that jingled with every movement.

    "Found a life form, she looks like another but I cannot be sure, will employ a few tests to make absolute sure."

    She clears her throat and smiles. "AHEEEEEEM. Erhmherereherm. Are you a player?" That was the big test it seemed.

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    Mitsurugi Moto has successfully logged in

    There I was, my first day in The World, I had heard many things about this place on the news and from friends...but now I was finally in it. With the new technology of that is constantly being invented I could actually feel myself in this place, I don't know if it was the headset messing with my head or what...but I could actually feel my armor, with each step my clothes rustled and my armor life would never be the same after today.

    Fast forward nine months

    I stood at the chaos gate once more, spear in hand and ready for whatever lurked on the other side. I've been in the guild Azure for about eight or nine months now, a self proclaimed "samurai" of this world, bound by honor. This time out of the gate I was on my way looking for PKs hunting on the lower leveled, these players were nothing more then children who thought it fun to kill in game, not even aware of the consequences that they cause to the real people that they hunt and kill in game.

    Mitsurugi Moto has successfully moved to: Θ Hidden Forbidden Dragonbein

    I stood silently for a second listening intently. Immediately I could hear hushed voices, not knowing who awaited me further down I tip toed my way down trying to stay hidden. I peered over and saw two female characters.
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    Asani scowled down at the clouds below, like it was their fault that her relaxation had been interrupted by someone else.

    She glanced over her shoulder, eying the Wave Master skeptically. "I am." She said, standing up. She shifted her spear, hanging it over her shoulders with her wrists to balance, in a mock crucifixion stance. She stared for a moment, then frowned, toying with the idea of gating out to avoid any farther conversation.

    She opted instead to stay. "Did you need something?"
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    Um... Not to be rude... But you seem to have derailed the RP a bit.
  6. Asani

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    Well, it was taking place in one area at the moment... Your post kind of just... @_@ was out there. Try to rego, perhaps?

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