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  1. Shale

    Shale Well-Known Member Senior Member

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    ^ this, this all the way. My laptop hasn't a snowball's chance in hell of being able to run the game. However, with luck, I'll have a new one soon enough to get a bit of leveling in before the switch to 2.0.
  2. Yeul

    Yeul Member

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    5:31 AM
    I'd really like to play, but I highly doubt my netbook could even hope to run a game like that. </3
  3. campsis

    campsis Guest

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    2:31 AM
    I played launch day on my laptop and there were so many people my screen would freeze and then freeze a lil more then i just quit...but when it wasnt as laggy it did not look fun to me.
  4. kungfuboom

    kungfuboom Monster Maker! Senior Member

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    So yeah I just started this game and it's well...diffrent...I guess I have to get use to the controles and everything, but yeah hope 2.0 is better
  5. Aryth

    Aryth Developer Senior Member Indiegogo Backer

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    4:31 AM
    Using a PS3 controller on my PC is awesome (mainly because I don't own a PS3 :[ ). I stopped playing though, as I've resumed school and I'm pretty much hooked on Guild Wars 2 for some reason...
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  6. Mattimao1239

    Mattimao1239 Chicken Chaser Senior Member

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    So I just recently got internet and a PS4 (Ps4 Christmas, Internet just within the last two or three weeks) and for some reason I have yet to post about it on here.

    Anyways I've been playing the FFXIV Free Trial (which lets me play all classes up to lvl 35 but with some restrictions like I can't form a party except in instances/duty finder)

    My world is: Malboro
    My Char: Mattimao Gallman
    - Archer (Main lvl 30)
    - Rogue (lvl 16)
    - Pugilist (lvl 15)

    - Blacksmith (lvl 25)
    - Goldsmith (lvl 16)
    - Leatherworker (lvl 16)
    - Carpenter (lvl 15)
    - Alchemist (lvl 8)
    - Culinarian (lvl 4)

    - Miner (lvl 26)
    - Botanist (lvl 8)
    - Fisher (lvl 7)

    My PSN is ZhuRan1239 (for some reason I already have a Mattimao1239 account but I was too impatient/lazy to figure out the password so ZhuRan1239 it is - it's been a secondary name I've used for years as well though so it works)
  7. Cerberuspaw

    Cerberuspaw Senior Member Senior Member Indiegogo Backer

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    4:31 AM
    Psn: cerberuspaw I have a ff14 account but haven't played in some time. Don't even think my level was all that high
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  8. ssbmartin

    ssbmartin New Member

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    11:31 AM
  9. Ovan

    Ovan Active Member Senior Member

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    5:31 AM
    I play on adamantoise if anyone wants to party.

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