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    The following will be organised as, name, class, level, description\image, personality, then skills.
    for RP: http://forum.iridiumbased.com/threads/error-sidelines.1824/
    for ooc: http://forum.iridiumbased.com/threads/error-ooc.1830/#post-39721

    Name: Zephyr
    Class: Twinblade
    Description: A rather spikey haired twinblade with rather tight-fitting clothing and is dressed all in white and has spikes bulging backwards from his ankles, shoulders, and elbows. Has turqouise hair and bright golden eyes.
    Personality: A free-moving person who doesn't like to stay still and has the tendancy to act first and think later. Being as spontanious as he is, some people get agrivated with him quite quickly but sometimes he's too oblivious to notice that someone's mad at him due to him being so free-spirited. He also loves battling to the extreme to the point where he would act like a psychopath whenever he engages in battle and is currently out for enemy blood until he returns to the root town
    Skills: Maelstrom, Arial Dive, Vanishing Blade, ect.
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    Name: Ragnarok Hp:1400 SP:600
    Class: Wavemaster
    level: 18
    1. Magnitude: The User levitates off the ground and causes an earthquake between the power of 1-20 (Random dice roll will decide each time.) This can hurt allies and enemies alike . (Magnitude 1 100 damage Magnitude 20 2000 damage.) Cost: 35 Sp. (Allies take half damage from the attack.)
    2. Sphere of Darkness: The User creates a sphere of absolute darkness and tosses it at the intended target for 500 damage. Used as an attack when wanting to save Sp. Cost: 0 Sp.
    3. Blizzard: The User slams his hand into the ground creating a blue ground beneath the enemy and shoot out three ice shards that can pierce the enemy from below for 780 damage. Cost: 35 Sp.
    4. Sacred Blast: The User surrounds himself with a blue light then unleashes it all around him into a blast circle extending out 45 yards for 1400 damage. (Doesn't effect allies). Cost 45 Sp.
    5. Flower of the Phoenix: The User creates a flower that burns instantly into ashes once an ally dies. It revives them instantly with 50% Hp and 20% Sp. Cost: 80 Sp Limit on the field at once: 1. (This flower can be destroyed but respawns itself after 20 seconds for no cost.)
    6. Shadow Blade: The User conjures up a shadow blade to arm himself or an ally. The Damage depends on the wielders level. The Weapon fades upon the end of combat. This blade hits those normally unable to be hit and lets the wielder see the unseen. The blade can be used even if the user is not in the same area. Cost: 20 Sp.
    7. Divine Shield: The User creates a shield of pure white energy to guard allies within a 25 yard radius. It reduces all damage an attack would cause to 0. It does not prevent effects such as being blasted away. Cost: 100 Sp. Disappears after the user makes another move.
    8. Heal: The User heals an ally for 1600 (2000 if he targets himself.) Cost: 20 Sp.
    9. Teleport: The User teleports to the location of choice within 55 yards. Cost: 10.
    10. Dark Soul: The Users new staff takes control of him selecting a random target. He summons up 10 spark balls simultaneously dealing 250 damage each. He then teleports to the enemy and ends it with a Sacred Blast (dealing half the damage). A warning will display beforehand when its about to be used. (If the staff is knocked out of his hands he regains control and can choose another target. Taking cover can also help.) Warning Displayed:
    Ragnarok is charging up his power. Cost: ?? Sp (randomly used.)

    Description: He joined the world with friends. But, they only power leveled him and doesn't know much. The most he knows how to do is activate the Chaos Gate and use spells.
    Personality: He is very good minded and childish. Sometimes triggering the most obvious traps just for fun. He is good spirited and will try to protect his friends when needed always trying to help even if in the end he makes it worse or even if he was the one to create the problem in the first place. He tends to wonder off sometimes
    Appearance: [​IMG]
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    Name: Kerros
    Class: HeavyBlade
    Level: 26
    Description: Kerros is a big character with heavy armor and a flaming sword. His face/hair etc remains unseen since he's allways wearing a helmet.
    Personality: He is very focused on his goals and does everything possible to achieve them. He also likes to team up with other players but most times just runs around solo.
    Skills: Flaming Strike, Dragon Slash, Fire Swing, ...
  4. Mattimao1239

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    Name: Mattimao (why not)
    Level: 25
    Class: Steam Gunner
    Self proclaimed Job: Informant/Trader
    Description: Medium built character, wears comfortable clothes and little armor.
    Personality: Fun loving at times but he really wants to be a master strategist so when it comes down to fights or politics he likes to get serious.
    Skills: Thunder Spark, Sphere Bullet, Thorn Shot, Dust Bullet, Tri-shot
    Guild: (Not in one yet/haven't made one yet)
    Appearance: [​IMG]
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    Character Sheet:

    Name: Titanus
    Nickname(s): N/A
    Class: Heavy Axe
    Gender: Male
    Level: 32
    Crushing Sweep- Extra strong attack, Paralyzing Blow- Stuns target, Speed Slashes- Multi-hit combo, Berserker's rage- Increased damage and better health regen,Ultimate move is Earth Shatter- Large AOE Damaging effect.
    Guild(s): N/A
    Bio: Roughly 8ft tall, rather slow fellow, likes simplicity,wants to help others, smarter than you'd think.
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  6. Crim

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    Name: Lord Kioshi, Master of the Hidden Blade
    Class: Ninja
    Level: 40
    Personality: Very very quiet. So quiet indeed he is actually mute. He hears just fine, and nods and shakes his head or points when he needs to. But just never talks.

    Skills: (There are many ninja abilities, consider this part still in development)
    • Smoke Screen (Temporary invisibility)
    • Quick Step (Quick move to re-position himself to his target. Meaning in an instant he will be able to move from the front of the target to behind them)
    • Sneak Attack (Extra damage when the target doesnt know he is being attacked by ninja and when ninja makes back attacks)
    • Cat's Grace (Lessens or eliminates falling damage. Can always land on his feet and can not get stunned if he does take falling damage)
    • Sleeping powder (Tosses it in the face of target and they will be stunned for 30 seconds)

    Weapons: (All weapons concealed and collapsible)
    Telescopic Sword (Except they are sharp like a real sword when fully extended)
    Telescopic sword.jpg
    Telescopic Sai
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    Name: Shikugo
    Class: Heavy Blade
    Gender: Male
    Level: 1
    Appearance: Has a child-ish appearance, wears a white cap that have a cat face and cat ears (fot cute measures), his hair is orange and his eyes are green, his upper body have a sleeveles t-shirt with some soulder armor and knight gloves, his lower body have wide pants that goes from his torax to his knees that are wrapped with knee and leg armor in it.
    Skills: Calamity, Death Bringer, 5th claw- The attack makes that the player does a 5-hit combo and at his 5th attack the damage will be the add of all the single damage he did. (example: 1st:15 damage+2nd:17 damage+3rd:16 damage+4th:18 damage=5th:66 damage)-single enemy.
    Drawn by me
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    Name: Lorelei Engelhardt
    Class: Harvest Cleric
    Level: 26
    Description: a peachy skinned young elf woman with a slender figure and long blonde hair and emerald green eyes.
    Personality: Lorelei seems to be somewhat outspoken and kind but, she doesn't know how to react in certain situations. Lorelei is a very friendly young Lady, she has a big heart and tries to help where and whenever she possibly can. She doesn’t mind it to get her hands dirty, as long as others are willing to appreciate her work. Lorelei has almost no experience with the other sex, and being informed about how the bees and flowers stuff works, she is very pure, chaste and sometimes even considered to be still a little bit childish. Nevertheless, Lorelei has a big heart, so she is, even when she show off her stubborn side, she is a lovley young lady. Despite that, deep insider her, Lorelei has a lonely, cold side of herself, which is almost always hidden by her all the time cheerful mask. As long as nothing happens, that will really affect her personality, this side of her will be unknown to those around her. During all the years Lorelei has spent with helping others and trying to be the perfect “Idol” for them, she had missed to show some love to herself and to be the girl she really wants to be, a sad side of her, which is never visible to others, since she only shows it when she is lonely. Skills:
    • LaPha Repth (Target: Area, SP: 338, everyone's HP is fully restored, Job Lv. 22)
    • Ap Do (Target: Unit, SP: 20, Temporary up in speed by 50%, Job Lv. 21)
    • PhaRip Maen (Target: Unit, SP: 150, resurrects one dead friend with 100% HP, Job Lv. 26)
    • Lei Zas (Target: Unit, SP: 42, Element: Light, Job Lv. 18)
    • La Corm (Target: Area, SP: 40, temporary up in everyone's M. Atk. by 50% Job Lv. 23)
    Appearance: [​IMG][​IMG]
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