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    So I'm in Cali atm without my computer so it's back to concepts and doing indiegogo prizes. I've been working on some already established NPC's appearances for the storyline but I almost...almost forgot...a majorities favorite aspect about GU, the Arena.

    Now the real...REAL...arena will not be accessed until the third root town as some may know, but we are putting a smaller arena for everyone in the mean time. But, what would be an Arena without an established Emperor?
    So..as endurance being in mind, I made our own Iridium's Emperor rip off,
    His original name unknown, Raven was nicknamed for his pet latched on his shoulder. A veteran Runecaster, he demolished his enemies before they could take a single step. For those who could close the distance, Raven proved to be an expert in close quarters combat with his raven wing like blade on the bottom of his Rune Gun. He refuses teammates, stating his pet is the only ally he needs. He was provided his own Cup, diverting from the famously known Phoenix League due to his poor sportsmanship and refusal to have team mates.

    His clothes I'm not set with, but so far this is my favorite simple gear for him. His class was harder to chose, as my original idea for him was a lancer with raven wing like blades. However Knight, Lancer, and Blademaster already have famous NPC's behind him. I couldn't go wave master because wave masters can't solo...so my only other real choice was Beserker, who I'm saving for the Phoenix Cup.

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