Earth Golem

Discussion in 'Monster Creator' started by Vlander, Feb 7, 2013.

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    Which monster group the monster belongs in:Elemental
    Description of the monster: its large in stature and usually found in the mountains or in a cave usually materiallizing from rock or rumble that happens to be around can be conjured or inhabited by a spirit
    Requested name of the monster: Golem *idk its a bunch of rocks lol*
    ~ By posting my art here I acknowledge that developers of IridiumBased may use the material for their products. I am posting to give my creative support in aiding the development of their games. I by no means am demanding credit or compensation for my idea and art to IridiumBased. Finally by submitting these images I am stating that this is my own work, not the work of others.

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  2. Keramory

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    Haha that is adorable. Found another low level elemental to go with our new lightning one!
  3. Vlander

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    This one was mostly just a doodle but you cant have a fantasy world without earth elementals lol
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