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    Feel free to post excitement/disappointment here as you see fit with the con.

    -Gotta give kudos to Ubisoft, they make me want to keep watching marching band panda even after I see its a game I don't care about.
    -Really surprised they brought out a big name actor for BGE2 segment. Even more surprised a gaming company is taking fan material. Thought they couldn't do that.
    -First Mario, now crossover with Star Fox, didn't know Ubi was close with Nintendo.
    -Another Assassin's Creed, not too surprising. Gameplay wise, it doesn't look half bad, though I'm curious why the protagonist starts out with a Piece of Eden and gets to use it freely in battle. Also giving players the option to choose their protagonist and dialogue seems interesting. Though hopefully, they've learned from Origins and will put effort into the actual story this time.

    -When the first guy says there going to be focusing on projects they already announced, I was already a bit less excited.
    -Since I never played/was interested in Last of Us, I didn't enjoy guy playing banjo as much as the audience.
    -Ghost of Tsushima has some nice looks going on, the story at the time isn't clear, but it looks like it might be good, and parkour gameplay is always a good selling point.
    -Never played the first Nioh because people comparing it to Dark Souls (seriously, when a game's defining characteristic is its difficulty, not exactly a seller for a story guy like me) but that 20 sec trailer for the sequel has me intrigued.
    -Probably never going to play that Spiderman game, buy it actually does look nice. Gameplay looks fun, and I actually find myself curious about who's behind the Sinister 6 in the gameplay footage.

    Not a bad showing for e3, but not the best year. It was nice getting some follow-through on games that were introduced last year, but still don't have concrete releases. As I've said in chat, I care more about the 5 year plan in gaming (okay, just say 2-3 years because that's a bit more realistic) than the 1 year plan that one poll seems to be pushing. Seriously, you don't need a big con to see game development for the next 8-9 months, just check out mags or videos.

    Still, watching a few of the press conferences has me wondering, why do some games get 17 minutes of screen time, while others will get 20 secs? I mean, considering the trend of games pushing for bigger worlds as of late, it's doubtful there's less in some that can be showcased. I suppose its fine if companies are just advertising that they're working on something and don't have enough to make a big show of, but if it isn't that reason, bit worried that some gems might be overlooked.
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