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    So that I don't spoil by posting in the shoutbox.

    I'm only watching Ubisoft and Sony so I have a lot shorter perspective than some.

    As for Ubisoft, I guess they dropped Aisha, at least for the year. And seeing the new Assassin's creed was nice for 30 seconds, a little iffy on the eagle mechanic. But a lot of stuff I didn't really care about, the apparent racing game, Rayman meets Mario, whatever I could describe Far Cry as. The pirate game was intriguing, but after seeing the playthrough I felt less inclined to keep an eye on it. But it was interesting to see that they were actually doing Beyond Good & Evil 2. I thought that that series had become a pipe dream. I also think that the original wasn't rated M, so they are changing quite a few things.

    Sony was another good year of a show. Even though I don't plan on buying most of the games they presented, I kept watching despite the lack of intent on playing. But I will say, someone should have checked the audio 10 minutes before starting because it sounded strange until about the third game in. And I had no concept of Monster Hunter before, but it looked like a good game even though they only showed gameplay. Haven't played God of War since 2, but even that looked nice, especially the giant menacing Jormagandr. But sadly, I didn't see news about several games I wished would be on showcase. And sadly, they once again act like their portable doesn't exist.

    Not the worst year of e3, but I still feel like I want more.
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    Which console is worth buying?

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