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Discussion in 'Art Gallery' started by Tonku, May 18, 2015.

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  1. Tonku

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    I'm at it again. So I was re reading that thread with the question on beast players and since the responce was it might be a grappler and a wolf I decided to doodle up some beast race grappler class.

    It has 4 ear designs (I'm really hoping there's some floppy ears cause I'd jump on that for character creation ahah) and a more .hack g.u design for the clothes. I had a shirtless doodle cause grappler especially the tribal grappler I've seen wear minimum clothes and lots of ties and bands and wraps.

    I also doodled some hair designs and markings too, cause it just isn't .hack without its famous shape markings haha. Next I'll doodle up height variations and maybe draw some cat people or something. Whatever passes time LOL.
    annnnyways lol, back to work or something

    2015-05-18 19.19.59.jpg
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  2. MiniViper

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    Better than anything I can do on paper or on my tablet T-T
  3. Tom Badguy

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    Time well spent. Good job, sir.

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