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Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Tonku, May 27, 2015.

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  1. Tonku

    Tonku Member

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    NOT sure at all if this has been mentioned yet ahha.
    But as of 3 months ago the lead producer of .hack itself revealed that he was indeed making a new .hack game to be expected to release at the end of 2015. And that he just hired 50 more employees to help him work on the project as well as pulling most employees from his mobile team and putting them onto the game system team (as he described he had a division of mobile and game system employees) which I can only assume is his .hack "sequal" Guilty Dragon for mobile as far as I know what they're working on there ahah.

    Anyways ahha, in a recent magazine interview and the picture above (which I pulled from the site that I got a bit of this from) it revealed he was working on 3 games but one in particular involving virtual reality itself, it will also be an rpg/mmo and character intigrated for selected console release.
    And what the kicker issss. ..
    He said in the magazine he can't wait to make an announcement on his new game in the making to old dedicated fans.
    which to me screams .hack.
    If it is I'm going to explode
    backflips everywhere

    This isn't new news to me as the first time I heard of word from it was a month back

    Any comments or news or just thoughts on this from.anyone else?

    I also have a picture of some things cyber connect released involving the new game during their brief q and a at a convention celebrating .hack g.us anniversary.
    But I'll throw them up here once I dig a little more and find they're are indeed official

    Souces for interested .hackers?
    http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/CyberConnect2 (briefly mentions in a tiny blab of current projects)
    http://mobile.siliconera.com/all/2015-03-10-cyberconnect2-working-three-new-next-generation-titles#1 (sorry it's mobile, a blab in how these words work and what's in store for their plans)
    (A bit more hype on their new project and just how huge it is)

    (And some more barbs on what it could be and a bit more)

    Trying g to find my official sources and some.magazine clips translated might take a while bit I got them somewhere. uwu
    Will edit once I get them ahah

    also their official site might she'd some light on some new stuff their working on too maybe

    This new game for .hack has been announced way longer than 3 months ago!
    Minor typo with words there sorry ahha

    Double edit
    He even played to the "keywords" styled by .hack games saying these words are hints and make up what the games are about when put together
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  2. Bambi

    Bambi Well-Known Member Senior Member Indiegogo Backer

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    Whatever it is please be international!
  3. BlueSB

    BlueSB New Member Backer

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    Is it bad that I don't care if it's internationally sold as long as it's not region locked? I might have some trouble with kanji, but as long as I can play it, I'm fine.
  4. Arkayle

    Arkayle Well-Known Member Backer Descendants of Raiden

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    the issue here is that if this game is pure dot.hack// , our community will grow at a much slower pace due to interest being seized by the "official" VR "The World"....
    I personally hope that it is released anywhere BUT in the states so that our community can stay as is and continue to grow... Ive seen enough of Siegfre's and Keramory's version to know that when released it will be amazing- I mean... so many people have invested time and money into this project and if CC2 came along and just completely left our "The World" in its dust- all the work here... the money people have invested... im not saying it would go to waste... but it would feel terrible...
    maybe im looking at it in a negative light- but what about other people who have been here supporting the dev team and standing behind them (@Cerberuspaw @Latorn @Lunex @flamedog @1UP ) what would you guys think?

    I mean don't get me wrong- we are ALL on this site because we LOVE the idea of finally being able to play a dot.hack// mmo, but i guess what i really am trying to say is that i don't want all of these good people to feel like they have wasted their time donating to see this mmo finished... to feel like they just dropped all they have into something that may not be finished due to lack of community or for legal reasons once the CC2 The World is released...
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  5. calmchaos

    calmchaos Moderator Staff Member Senior Member

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    Arkayle, what you're saying is impossible simply because this game is not dot.hack and never will be. We always tell people this, so they know not to expect a dot.hack copy. Our community already knows what they've signed up for.

    The game will be finished. Lack of a community will not stop the Team. Nothing is going to stop this game from completion.
    As for legality, there's nothing that CC2 can hit us with. We aren't making a dot.hack game. We're making a game that has its roots in dot.hack but is rapidly growing into its very own presence.

    Regardless, I just wanted to point out that the game will be finished. Failure is not an option for us.
  6. Tonku

    Tonku Member

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    Aaaa I kneeeew something like this would pop up haha.
    But hey.
    I'll shed some important light on this.
    Yes the new game for .hack is being released. Maybe not anytime soon as it's near g the end of 2015, and hey good games always take long when done right.
    BUT, PERSONALLY. As well as many many others out there. They will play both. As everyone said here. The game isn't .hack and it doesn't have its lore either. Not only that but when cyber connect releases this real vr dream .hack fans have been waiting for from the original creators....
    Honestly if there's a cool vr game you can't spend forever on it and since this mmo offers vr too , heck, even if it didn't. This game can offer things other games can't because it's community based and not official based.
    I'll play both. I think it would be insanely silly to stop a project like this/ or even to wish the game doesn't come out at all/ just because cyber connect is making a new virtual relaity game itself.
    Everyone likes variety and even just friends to play with. This game itself is RAD. The mmo is amazing so far and neither games will compete with eachother as one is on PC and the other is a console game ahah.
    So... let's wish for both projects to be finished instead of negatively viewing either! :D
    I'm exited beyond hell to have a real vr .hack in The World by the official creators, and I'm also excited crazy well by the thought of this mmo being made and how crazy it is that dedicated .hack fans or even just mmo fans too that have helped make this project grow. OuO

    Oh and BTW, I honestly think this community will get much much bigger. Just because ahuuuge Corp is selling vr games which will make them x20 times more wanted. Hence this mmo being few to even have it incorporated. Not only that. But since this is pc there's more social vs talking to someone through a consol game. The community would prolly skyrocket due to vr being advertised.

    So let's wait with pure excitment for both. As I'd never want either games to stop because either have been my dream to have a real The World for many generations. Not only that but if you've seen any of the .hacks, their all set in diffrent timezones and have diffrent things. So haveing 2 main .hack themed games put there isn't weird or bad for either lol.
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  7. Aryth

    Aryth Developer Senior Member Indiegogo Backer

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    There's zero evidence that they are making a new dot hack game. Especially to be released this year? Most companies would have hyped the crap out of it already. The game you may be alluding to is Project X Zone 2, scheduled for release this fall with dot hack characters in it.

    Are they working on a dot hack game? Probably. CyberConnects2 already acknowledged that fans are demanding a sequel or, at the very least, a remake. And that was just two weeks ago. This project is probably too large to see any results this year, though.

    Sorry to spoil the fun, but this hype is totally unsubstantiated.
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  8. Tonku

    Tonku Member

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    True, there's zero evidence so far for this so far of kne of the new games being.hack. But since they are making a vr game itself and that is fact it ought to be .hack. I hope since the dedicated fans part sorta signaled it but I just said I wished it to be .hack. not that it will be ahah.

    And another here, It has been insanely long since they said there was going to be another .hack game hr announced this eons ago. Then twice more at both celebrations involving Guilty Dragon and Project G.U. I don't think it's project x zone just due to the fact how secret he's staying so far and that he says this is a new ORIGONAL based game. Which can only mean it's something cyber only owns. Which can either be Solatorobo. Or .hack. those two being the money eaters.
    but hey. It could be anything. OuO
    I just want any vr game by them to he released ahah.
  9. Revenant

    Revenant Member Parkour Pro

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    I'd think it'd be great if any more .hack games came out of the US. Honestly if they made another one or a major extension in the US, it might even benefit this community some.
    I kind of feel like they are done porting things into the US though.
  10. Tonku

    Tonku Member

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    12:04 PM
    Actually they really want to put things to the us.
    I was reading up on it and past interviews and because .hack was such a success in English terms they're litteraly telling fans of every language to keep supporting it and they'll release new things to the public and try harder for the fans/ also speaking for not just .hack but anything they've made.

    Usa is on their list and their even responding to some of the change.org petitions and questions from English speaking fans. And I mean answering a lot. So we're definately on the list. Anything they make that they think we'll buy we will get. OuO
  11. Naruki

    Naruki Well-Known Member Senior Member Backer Parkour Adept

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    Most if not all people in the Iridium Based community have come here due to similar game style/mmo capiilitys that .Hack has/would be great with.

    That said, it's not .Hack.
    It should never be seen as a .Hack clone/copy.
    Above all Iridium Based should not be compared to CyberConnects2.

    I think it's crazy how much this needs to be stressed.
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  12. Arkayle

    Arkayle Well-Known Member Backer Descendants of Raiden

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    you have very good points! I was looking at it in a negative light and im very glad to have friends like you guys to point out when im just being a cynical emo kid :D
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  13. Aryth

    Aryth Developer Senior Member Indiegogo Backer

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    This isn't as true as you say. They already blocked Guilty Dragon in NA and Europe for iPhone users (Android can still download the installers online since they have filesharing capabilities). Three years ago they said that Guilty Dragon would be developed for NA and EU and, to date, have not delivered.

    They are aware that the United States and Europe have a reasonable fan base, but that didn't stop them from removing localization for dot hack books, comics, and games that are STILL in only Japanese. If they really care about us, they aren't doing a good job of showing it.
  14. Tonku

    Tonku Member

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    12:04 PM
    Most japanese games tend to take a little longer to get here. But I know they care , or at least like to think it. Although some might not beleive what the producer is saying about how he wants fans to support it so both English and Japanese can enjoy his works. But, they did re issue all the series of .hack anime back onto the shelves very recently in amarica. Cyber wouldn't do that if they didn't care about the English fab base. Not only that but guilty dragon is apparently going to be released on android for English, might be taking longer than expected but it's always good to support and wait. I play it myself on my phone ahha.

    Anyways, considering g there's a huuge paragraph in famous gaming magazine Famitsu about him caring about his English fan base and responding to it rather than just saying. I aknowledge you.
    He spoke out and said he'd try hard to deliver what the fans want, in his words though he said "weather it be a new HD remake of the old games, a sequal, or more localization, cyber will continue to listen to the fans and try their best to please. It's even on its main website ahah.
    if they didn't care they wouldn't put it and they would just shrug like any other big Corp in Japan. Aka
    Digimon makers
    Damn you and not giving us that badass 3ds game.

    As for .hack manga
    Pretty sure that's because tokyo pop (not run by cyber) removed itself from English bookstores. Actually I think they went bank rupt ahha.
    Hence why there not more tokyo pop.
    .hack was mainly only run by tokyo pop. So I don't think delocolization for their manga is alll to be pointed at cyber for that one.
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  15. Aryth

    Aryth Developer Senior Member Indiegogo Backer

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    They didn't release them in America again, they redid only the Japanese versions (they made it clear that they had no intention of dubbing them, probably because of restrictions set by FUNimation). Of course they plan on releasing Guilty Dragon in NA and EU, they've said it for the past three years. Amateur developers came out with at LEAST six English patches before CC2 came out with any press on the issue... That's just sad.

    I already said in my previous posts that they care about their English fan base (there was a tweet two weeks ago that said that). However, stating you care and doing things to show you care are two very separate things. They seem to be REALLY good at telling us they care, but as far as what they've done, I find it lacking.

    It's not just manga... There are light novels, art books, etc. written and published through CC2 with NO English alternatives. Sieg, for example, has been working on getting some of them translated so that we can see some of the finer points of dot hack. Not easy when there are NO English versions of it in existence.

    Again, I know that they care... They just aren't really good at proving that they care.
  16. Arkayle

    Arkayle Well-Known Member Backer Descendants of Raiden

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    11:04 AM
    i have a friend working with a team to do an English port of a Japanese VN- maybe I could get him to help on that note
  17. Keramory

    Keramory Guest

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    Although I really HOPE for a .hack game, I find it completely unlikely it'll be an MMO. It'd be cool if they retried a fragment where you and two others could do the storyline/dungeons now that online functioning has become worlds better...but an MMO would be a waste for them.
    MMO's are the hardest types of games to create, with more dedication AFTER the game is done then any other. Even at final product you have to continue to make revenue to justify continuing to hold staff onto it to keep update coming and keep it running....and MMO's are not generating the same kind of cash like they used to, especially compared to tower defense games and f2p games.
    This is coming from just a fanboy perspective, not a teammember of this.

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