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Discussion in 'Art Gallery' started by Lunex, Apr 20, 2018.

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  1. Lunex

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    Something I managed to put together using the computer. If I come with more, I may add.


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  2. calmchaos

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    Because of chromostereopsis (the visual effect that allows red+blue 3D glasses to work) you shouldn't put a flat blue on a flat red. The colors need to be textured, have a border, or utilize some other effect, or it becomes painful to look at. At least it does for any of the people that can experience chromostereopsis; not everyone can.

    Some resources on chromostereopsis:
    • A short paragraph explaining it.
      h ttp : //the visualcommunica tionguy. co m/2015/10/16/design-principle-chromostereopsis-or-why-blue-on-red-doesnt-work/

    • The full wiki article in case you'd like to check it out in depth.
      ht tp s://e n.wikip edia.o rg/wiki/Chromostereopsis

    • If you'd actually useful tips instead of the first link's "don't do it" or the wiki's info dump, this link is a really good resource. It additionally gives some nice UX design information towards the end of the article if you're at all interested.
      htt p://lum inanze.c om/writings/chromostereopsis_in_ux_design.html

    But I do like the design itself quite a bit. It seems to be a contradiction in itself since in our reality wolves are commonly known to howl at the moon. A wolf howling at the sun indicates a mad wolf, a mad world, or both. The blue sun gives credence to the second and possibly third.

    Red has too many meanings to truly be sure of its intention, but the most immediate notions that come to mind are bravery, loyalty, bloodshed, and danger. I'm erring on the side of bloodshed or danger since it's the background color that was chosen to be red whereas normally it'd be a red emblem if the intent was for one of the first two. Definitely could be wrong though since red is almost universally used.

    I dunno the exact meaning you're trying to get across with the flag, but I do like it aside from the chromo problem.
  3. Lunex

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    Actually I was considering it was a bit harsh on the eyes myself. Even though this was made in Adobe, I could probably play around with Sumo a bit to try and find how to make it a tad more bearable.

    Actually it's all very literal, although after some consideration, I'm leaning towards making the sun not blue.

    I should also mention that the ground beneath the wolf is gold because it was part of the same image that I altered, though if I had more time, I would have left it black.

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