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Discussion in 'Character Creator' started by Keramory, Nov 11, 2013.

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    Two different fields are merged into this section.
    NPC's and Armor!

    NPC's are Non-Player Characters. They shape the majority of The World. Although most NPC's will be non-custom, as in using Player Accessible Armor, some NPC's are fairly customizable.
    Such examples are of storyline NPC's. Examples of those are:
    The Phases
    Town Leaders
    Hero (hero npc that aids you in the story).

    Please put [N] or [NPC] in the title of your threads so people understand you are interested in helping us create NPC's.

    Armor is for Player Accessible Armor. For those who don't know or forgotten, visible armor on characters are NOT the same as the armor equipped for stats. You do not equip visible armor! Visible Armor is unlocked through various quests, actions, and storyline. These armors can be changed in town to customize your character.
    So far the main customizable parts are:

    Please put [A] or [PAA] for Personal Accessible Armor
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  2. MoogleMorphosis

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    (from Crafting Concept 2, but this seems like a relevant placement. owo) There's a start. c: Nya. Hm...I forgot if this was the correct place that its been discussed, but someone had said that they planned to make two types of armor: Custom, which is the visual armor, and Physical Armor, which doesn`t hold appearance, but they hold the actual defenses. The custom armors are gotten through storyline quests, I think, but, I have some conflicts with it, I might think. .3.

    Undoubtibly(sounds right, looks wrong), there'd be more physical armors than custom, but I`m wondering if they'd later possibly be given shape and whatnot, with the custom armors as undergarments, since basically as I started the game, before the betas came about to my eyes, I only started off with little more than a short pair of shorts and shirt. I also wonder, if the physical armor would follow a weight-bound system that either decreases your speed by it's weight influence, or if some armors would actually increase your speed, by some cray upgrading(I think there's a limit to how much something can be upgraded) or some gem/enchantment scroll?
  3. Mattimao1239

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    I know exactly how the armor that I would want (visual) would look like. I think tomorrow I will draw it up (by hand so don't judge me >.> )

    But when we post an armor thing or whatnot do we have to say Physical or visual? and if we put physical do you guys put in the parameters? (just to clarify, even though that is the logical thing)
  4. Sacriel

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    I figured the idea was that visible armor would be unique to each class whenever it's unlocked through story, kind of like how Haseo gets his different forms/armor. I've always preferred the idea that the armor you wear is more of a permanent fixture, a part of your identity, rather than just a placeholder until you get better gear. Sure you should be able to change it, but why spend development time on making low level trash visible armor that will only be seen a small fraction of the entire gaming experience? Better to make beautiful cosmetic armor with lots of options that let you dress your avatar how you want and can be used at any point in the gaming experience once unlocked. I went a little off-topic on this one, but it's something that I feel strongly about!
  5. Keramory

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    Yes visible armor is separate from playable armor for stats and protection...although who knows maybe some dungeons will drop visible armor too.
    Although most armors will be complete sets from head to toe, you can always mix and match. Also yes character armor thats visible will vary on class.
  6. Ryukengan

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    It would be nice to hear the direction of the character names and styles that you would prefer. My friend and I generally are some creative minds (me with my ideas and him with his drawing skills), so we might be able to make a few suggestions.

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