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    I remember Siegfre wanted something like limit break in the past during early here is just something thrown together if you want to play with it Sieg:

    Name: Quantam Union, Kinetic Union, ...or Something in chemestry that involves an overflow or something I donno

    Concept: While in a party, if players use a series of weapon skills / spells together, something will happen. Either a buff, a debuff, or special attack.

    The easiest ones for example, is if all 3 players use the same element (Flaming Slash, Ignis Terra, Inferno Earthshaker) there is a fire explosion or a increase fire buff.
    More complicated would be specific weapon skills being used in order. Typically their element wont matter. Example being, Backstab, Earthshaker and Leg Sweep.

    So here is a quick list:

    All 3 Fire - Combustion
    All 3 Ice - Tundra
    All 3 Earth - Quake
    All 3 Dark- Umbra
    All 3 Wood - Death Tree
    All 3 Lightning - Thunder Strike

    Does a small damage increase and if you want, debuff of the element used.

    Weapon Skills:
    Backstab, Leg Sweep, Earthshaker - Raging Smash (AoE quake)

    Rapid Combo , Tempest Flurry, Vopeal Fury - 1000 Strikes (AoE slashes)

    Beheading, Fast Slash, Razor Edge - Dark Impulse (giant dark circle explodes)

    Violent Whirlwind, Just Thrust, Wide Swing - Concussion (Single Target Stun)

    Treesplitter, Shield Bash, Viper Sting - Poisonous Requiem (Small damage but posions)

    Each melee class has two possible move combos. I left out Rune and Wavemaster because their ability to aid in the elemental combos is very high as it is.
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    This sounds good, though you may want to add rune and wavemaster back in. Right now they wreck enemies but, at some point we're going to be adjusting the monster's elemental resistance to balance them out.
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    Alright I can add them to make it work.

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