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Discussion in 'Progress Updates' started by Keramory, Feb 8, 2013.

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    Ok so...I made another video. I was practicing some sword work and realized it wasn't late so I said why not? Well I'll tell you why not! Busting my phone lol. You'll see two little marks on the video from me dropping it about to make this video. Hopefully apple can fix it if not...going to have to send for another phone. That ontop of my computer still buggy...which will be fixed tomorrow so help me god! Found out my recovery disks are in storage.

    Anyways, I don't think I talked to you guys about this yet so heres some more information.

    We wanted to make the combat system more personal without the need to spam buttons foolishly. We needed a fluid regular attack system, so we came up with this a while back.

    Bascially in your options you can customize your animation set for regular attacks. Most classes have three of these, but some classes will have less or more, depending on the weight of the weapon they use.

    A basic example, Knight has 3 regular attack animations before they loop. There are three options for a knight. Horizontal slash, Vertical slash, and Stab. These differ lightly. Horizontal slash is the quickest and weakest. Vertical slash is stronger then Horizontal slash. Stab does a different type of damage, piercing. Typically but not always a stab is stronger but longer to do.

    So lets say I make an even balanced animation set on my Knight
    Horizontal slash....Vertical Slash...Stab...(repeat)....(repeat)...
    Or maybe if I'm just a troll attacking an AFK player... Stab...Stab...Stab...(repeat)...(repeat)...

    So this is what is fairly unique to our game. This gives a .hack feeling of being able to control your character more than most games. We all saw in the anime the characters practically taking over their characters every this is a step in that direction without it going out of hand.

    Some other stuff we're doing.
    Joe is now working on the character customization...which was on a low priority list for Siegfre because of other stuff he has to do first. So for all you complaining about Joe...HA! Now our programming is going twice as fast, which is the most important. A well program game in a box looks better then a poor program game in a mansion.

    Siegfre is working on alot, poor guy. Animations are running alot better then before thanks to him and daf.
    We have a new aura picture...still needs work on the face. Aura looks...a little perverted.
    I'm...while trying to fix this evil contraption of a focusing on the physical part of The World. A land mass...and name for the actual World. Tis...not easy.

    This while we're all continuing working on kickstarter!
    Heres my new vid for it...for example.
  2. Krescent

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    does a machine like yourself ever experience fear?!
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  3. Keramory

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    Haha what?
  4. Krescent

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  5. Bambi

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    The Bohemian Aura - an essence of life and oneness in The World. That's how I would title it..
  6. Vlander

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    "kitties im not going to cut you.... don't sniff the sword..."
    I literally almost fell out of my seat laughing. i know the feeling I've got 2 and they like to sit on my keyboard. lol
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  7. Cerberuspaw

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    idea for vertical animation for the lancer class

    -mix a slight horizontal sweep in and it'll still be AoE. have the attack start from the side of the player, where it sweep towards the front and then make an arc over the player to hit flying creatures and land behind them before pulling it 180 to meet the front again.

    It would fit the criteria for vertical it would take longer and definitely do more dmg

    -other Idea would be a back to front attack where it could snatch the target behind the lancer and slam them on to the target in front causing an AoE slam that does more if a target was grabbed .

    This option is simple gives for a lancer a defense for its blind spot and still fits the criteria of taking longer and dealing more dmg while remaining vertical and not being as broken as the first option.

    *Overall they're just ideas for you to mess with
  8. Cryadis

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    Is it possible to have the different attacks assigned to different keys? That way, a range of combinations can be used depending on the situation, rather than a repeating loop of the pre-selected 3
  9. Mattimao1239

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    That sounds like a good idea :D that could give people more of a challenge when fighting other players :)
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  10. Zezockary

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    I dont know what they will think about this idea but I think the idea of their attack pattern thing was to make it easier to customize and tailor the character for yourself. What you are saying would take away from the customization and make the fighting more complicated. Takes away customization because now its more of a combo system than a fighting style system, and there WILL emerge 1 combo that everyone loves and the rest will rarely be used, and it will make fighting more complicated because now basic attacks go from being click to click, 321221221321. Or if you are making a more dynamic fighting system like uhh... Tera or Raiderz (I think those are the games im thinking of) then you now have more hotkeys to set up. Basically I think that it would be complicating the combat system more than it would add to it.

    Wow I typed way more than I thought I would there... sorry.
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  11. Rioshima

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    Idk if this idea is original or has been asked yet but will we + NPCS who resemble players be able to do those sexy azz back-flip / front flips/cartwheels/twirls/head-spins/ dances animations in their attack/skill/casting animations :D. I'd recommend and i'm sure a few others will back me up when i say please try to make the fighting animations similar to that of Dark souls, because they're rather creative and if your animations were as fancy, strange, attractive, and fantastic as those from the Dark souls series, than this game will be even more of a Outstanding accomplishment :D. (examples below)

    Animations part 1 showcase: ( fav is Piscilia's dagger it fkin owns) oh and anyone else agree Laito weapons animations is def a rip off of Zhou Tai from dynasty warriors XD
    Animation part 2 showcase:
  12. IzunaSuchiha

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    i cant see the video :(

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