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    I was thinking that certain towns and fields can have climbable areas:

    Starter towns- In starter towns, you can climb up on certain objects. You can climb and stand on lamp posts and climb to the roofs of buildings.
    I know this will be hard to implement all around, that is why it would be best to do select areas. Now I'm going by Final Fantasy Dissidia for example.

    (Climb starts at 1:33)
    So for a large building, it could be on the side. When you're close to the climbable part, it will show transparent arrows:

    For small objects, it could be like this.
    (From Town)
    (From Bursting Eternal Hypha)
    Now as for different classes(this can be saved for last), it could have different animations
    Wave master (Sits on staff and floats up)
    Thief (Runs up on the building, like in the video)
    Knight and Blademaster (traditional climb)
    Shooter (Runecaster right?) (Shoots a grappling hook and swings up)
    Lancer (Sticks tip of lance on the building, hops on lance, jumps, then quickly grabs it from below)
    Berserker (fist class right?) *uses the spikes on knuckles to climb up quickly)

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