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    Basic Classes

    Class: Knight
    Weapon: Sword and Shield
    Role: Tank
    Knights are the sworn protectors of The World. Armed with Heavy Armor and a large shield, they can take blows from any force that comes in their direction. Eventually trained Knights can learn the art of healing and protect themselves and their friends from damage. It is said Those who stray away from the light arts forsake their shield and wield yet another sword, consuming themselves in the bloodshed of front line battles.

    Class: Wavemaster
    Weapon: Staff
    Role: Heal/DD
    Wavemasters come from a long history of powerful mages and witches from times long forgotten. Those who practice in these sarcred arts have more access to magic then any other class within The World. By forsaking their physical traits for expanding their minds however, they are vunerable being attacked if not protected. It is said that once a Wavemaster becomes advanced enough, they tend to choose their efforts on healing the sick or summoning even more powerful dark arts.

    Class: Lancer
    Weapon: Lance
    Role: AoE
    Lancers are fast moving, wise cracking adventerers of The World. Wearing light clothes to keep their limbs flexable, these Lancers swing their lances around their area, hitting enemies from long disntances around them. Some Lancers decide to use their talents learned on stage to further increase their ability on the battle field. Others however, are rumored to belong to a secret sect whos intentions are questionable. They are usually seen in dark robes and leave behind their spears for more powerful Sythes.

    Weapon: Sword
    Role: Support/average
    Blademasters are the most balenced of all classes. Armed with a giant two handed sword, the Blademaster is known for its mastery of not only bladeship but powerful magic as well. They deal their fair share of damage and can take a punch as well. Eventually many blade masters abandon their magic abilities to wield powerful two handed weapons called Katanas, while others stay true to their ways until the end, marking them heros throughout The World.

    Weapon: Axe
    Role: Damage
    Armed with large axes, these titans deal out more damage then any other class within The World. Wearing heavy armor, their mobility and ability to dodge is quite low. They fear not however, believing they can easily kill their enemies before their enemy can kill them. Most Berserkers trade in their axes for even larger axes, increasing their damage. For those who dont, decide to focus on increasing the amount of damage they can take so they can defend their allys.

    Rune Caster
    Weapon: Rune Gun
    Role: Support
    Adventerers who combine old forbidden magic with new technology have created a powerful and most unique weapon, the Rune Gun. Rune guns are mearly weapons that release the true catalyst of power, Rune Shells. Rune shells contain within them powerful forgotten magic, releasing different effects pending on the shell fired. Rune Casters differ on how they approach battles once acustomed to the basic mechanics, either weakining monsters for fellow allys or destroying them completely.

    Weapon: Dagger
    Role: Increase rare drop rate / Drop rate.
    Not all classes are made for combat, and the Thief is a prime example of this truth. Armed with only a simple dagger, these high risk adventerers care for only one thing, treasure. With a keen ability to dodge even the fastest attacks, these thieves run through dangerous dungeons collecting the rarest of treasure, some of which only other adventerers can only dream of. More malice hearted thieves eventually go rogue, arming themselves with another dagger for quick killings from behind.

    *Note that stats are not set in stone and some will be changed later.
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    Advanced Classes


    Weapon: Sword and Shield
    Role: Tank and healing
    Those Knights who stay true to their code of justice eventually make way into the art of the Paladin. Armed with their original sword and shield, the Paladin stays focused on its role to defend friends and the innocent until the end. Paladins spend their free time learning the healing arts to aid those in need without resorting to violence.

    Dark Templar
    Weapon: Two swords
    Role: Damage Dealing
    Being in countless battles can make even the purest of intended Knights twisted. Those who become blood thirsty even after the last monster is slain are known throughout The World as Dark Templars. Throwing their shields away using their free hand for a second sword, Dark Templars wont stop fighting until everything in their path no longer draws breath. Some even go as far to learn the dark forbidden magic arts of old.


    Weapon: Rod
    Role: Healing and Buffs
    Eventually all Wavemasters end up being forced the choice to choose which road of study to take, the light side or the dark. Those who choose to use their magical talents for good are known as Clerics. Being able to heal and protect those like know other, Clerics are valuable friends to be by ones side regardless of the situation.

    Weapon: Staff
    Role: Nuke and Debuffs
    Those Wavemasters who choose to study the dark arts are dubbed Warlocks by the mass population of The World. These Warlocks focus their energy on powerful destructive magic of every element. It is said those experienced and bold enough even learn the forbidden art of summoning, a magic art with high risk to the user.


    Weapon: Katana
    Role: Elemental Damage
    Blademasters who choose to forgo their magic instead use their elemental powers into their blade, quickly becoming the famous and feared Samurai. Using special curved blades known as Katanas, the Samurai become elemental masters for any situation. Katanas are special curved two handed swords, specially designed to absorb intense elemental input that would destroy most weapons.

    Weapon: Dual handed Blade
    Role: Support
    Those who stay true to aiding their friends in any situation become Heros in the publics eye. Keeping their giant two handed blades, Heros swipe through their opposition while keeping their team in check. There is nothing too difficult for a true Hero of The World.


    Weapon: Sythe
    Role: AoE, Slow swings, loses or gains HP on attacks
    Reapers and a mysterious and dangerous lot of the most dangerous users within The World. Using giant Sythes most would be too scared to wield, the Reaper swings such giant weapons around with a dark grace, using even pieces of their soul in each attack. Their purpose unknown, the Reapers life span isn't considered to be a long one due to their reckless in combat.

    Weapon: Spear
    Role: AoE, fast attacks
    Acrobatics use their wild swinging abilities to devastate the area around them with rapid speed and precision. Not even the most hardcore battlefield veterans can follow a true Acrobat's speed with a spear as they tear through the lines. Due to their need of flexability, the Acrobatic wears light and loose clothes, making them vulnerable to being attacked.

    Rune Caster

    Rune Sage
    Weapon: Caster
    Role: Strong Support Class
    Eventually Rune Casters learn the secrets behind the magic of their ammunition, being able to use even more powerful Rune Shells. These Rune Casters are known by their followers as the Rune Sages, using the most powerful spells through the ends of their barrels. Some Rune Shells are said to even absorb life force from the user, so even the most advanced Rune Sages are wary to abuse such spells.

    Weapon: Caster gun with a bayonet attached
    Role: Damage
    Those Rune Casters unconcerned for anything else but the annihilation of their enemies are known as Marksmen. Being able to fire and hit their targets much farther then their counterparts, the Marksmen also attach bayonets to their weapons incase a brave enemy decides to foolishly rush them. Their bayonets will not save them for long however, just enough to aid in damage between shots while the real melee finish the job.


    Weapon: Double sided Axes
    Role: Damage
    There are few things in this World more frightning then an aggressive Executioner. Focusing all their power on their unlucky victims, the Executioner dishes out more damage then any other class within The World. Concerned not about even themselves in combat, an Executioners biggest weakness is its kill before being killed mentality. That being said, there is not much that can withstand it's mighty blows enough for an Executioner to care about it's own safety.

    Weapon: Single Sided Axe
    Role: Tanking
    Many Berserkers decide they can use their large build and toughened muscles to better use then just attacking their enemies. They use themselves to not only attack with massive force, but train their bodies to take the backlash of their opponents as well. Wearing large metal armor, the Sentinel is a great choice for those who wish to challenge even the most dangerous creatures face to face.


    Weapon: Two Daggers
    Role: Damage
    Thieves have been known to take jobs that many would consider unmoral. However even thieves have principles and an honor code when it comes to battle. Rogues however, do not. Using any method of combat they can, Rogues does what ever it takes to lay their targets to rest. Their specialty is attacking their enemies from behind, dealing more damage to their unknowning targets then if they were to fight face to face.

    Treasure Hunter
    Weapon: Single Dagger / Sneaking
    Role: Increased treasure chances and item drops.
    The most successful thieves become famed Treasure Hunters. Their methods maybe questionable, but those who hire a Treasure Hunter care not once they see the bounty the Treasure Hunter collects. Treasure Hunters lack defense and attack however, so protecting them as they do their job is a top priority.
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    So this game is based in the SAO (Sword Art Online) series? I mean one of my friends told me it was im looking forward to see the game completed SO I CAN SPEND HOURS PLAYING IT!!!! Great job so far ;D

    Love how many classes they are too so many varieties.
  4. Aryth

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    I'm not sure where you heard that... We're not based on the SAO series. This game was in development long before that anime came out...
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    I'm sorry to disappoint you, xXyonyXx, but this game is not based on SAO. This game is based on another amazing series known as .Hack// You should check it out.

    On-topic: I can't wait to give them a go. Both the Lancer classes and the Knight classes sound great, imo.
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    looking good :)
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    Very interesting. I like how the weapon varieties and attack styles have been spit up. It's going to be a difficult decision picking between a few of the classes.
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    I wonder if there'll be different races (cat, fish, robot, centaur)? Also, what if people get a MINOR permanent stat boost (+5 def) if they fully master a class like sentinel up to level 82941, and the boost carries on to when they change classes into a lancer? -thats from dungeon village
    Then it just gets a little easier to master your 7th class change, like learning languages
    Or would that imbalance pvp...
  9. Bambi

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    I've got my fingers crossed meaow!
  10. Judge

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    Someone said something like this on the old forums but if I remember, I think they are going to add different races after the beta is release.
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    Looks like you guys put a lot of time into it, it looks good and very well thought out. Acrobat sounds like the class I'll be trying when I play.

    I think the main reason xxyony thought it may be from a different anime is because the classes hardly resemble dot hack classes when it comes to the class names and the way the system changes from R1 based into advanced classes. It sounds like an interesting system but not very dot hackish, which makes sense as you guys are trying to make your own game but imo a little more homage to dot hack would go a long way. Especially when it comes to advanced class's as none of them are from dot hack, so at endgame when it comes to classes there will be no classes from dot hack at all. Similarity to the classes is appreciated however there are tons of games out there already that have classes similar to dot hack in the same fashion. I think simply changing some of the names could fix this, such as rogue (which is very generic) to twinblade. In essence, they are the same just a different name.

    I was also curious how each class works spell/ability wise. For example the Berserker class has very low SP according to the chart. Will their moves require no SP to cast and rely on cooldowns to balance it? Will there be a rage system implemented such as WoW has for warriors or an energy system also from WoW that the rogues use, where they start with full energy but it decreases quickly and regenerates quickly?
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    The classes are very .hackish
    Knight - blademaster (early concept of blademasters had shields)
    Blademaster - heavyblade
    Hero- heavyblade
    samurai- heavyblade
    lancer- longarm
    acrobatic- longarm
    reaper- flick reaper
    berserker - heavyaxe
    executioner- heavyaxe
    wavemaster- wavemaster
    warlock- warlock
    cleric- cleric
    runecaster- twisted version of steamgunner
    marksmen- steam gunner
    Twinblade (r2) - rogue

    That...was a long example granted, but you see my point.

    Theres flat out no lord part, AR (although everyones a little AR in this due to advanced classes), twinblade (r1), dance mar, or grappler.
    To be completely blunt, we had to remake the classes. There was no workable balanced option in there. R:1 classes are cool and all, but didn't blend well together. Nearly all the physical classes were too alike and Twinblade was too over powered for its purpose.
  13. Daikonran

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    I'd have to disagree with you. There most definitely could be a balance to R1 Classes. Ex: Blademaster is a tank, Heavy blade high base damage with aoe, heavy axe high crit good mix of aoe and single target, longarm longer reach plus quicker movement with aoe, twin blade is about attack speed and single target, and wavemaster as the healer (or low dps if they decided to go that route). It's really easy to make the twinblade not op (plus playing the games as different classes besides twinblade, I'd say they weren't OP at all, that it was Kite who was OP because his stats increased more than other party members with each level he gained) . Let's say the heavyblade can do 120 damage every second, to balance twinblade you'd make the twinblade do 60 damage every .5 second, thus they equal out besides the critical strike, twinblade would more than likely have the higher crit however heavyblade would have better AoE thus balancing them out and making each a different playstyle and need for different reasons and different scenarios. There would be advantage to having a variety of classes in your party. It doesn't make logical sense to me that it would be easier to balance 14 classes than 6 classes.

    I see the point you made by the list but as I said the similarity to the classes is appreciated but there are tons of games out there that already have similar classes to dot hack. The advanced system alone is a big deviation from the class system of R:1. It kind of reminds of the R:2 system but it isn't quite there either. To show my point here is how TERA classes are similar to dot hack ones.

    Slayer = Heavy Blade
    Berseker = Heavy Axe
    Lancer = Long Arm or Blade Master
    Warrior = Twinblade
    Sorcerer = DPS WaveMaster
    Priest = Healing WaveMaster
    Mystic = Healing/Strengthening WaveMaster

    Also the name of dot hack classes normally consist of two combining words, example : Long Arm, Heavy Blade, Twin Blade. Out of the advance classes only two consist of the two word style of dot hack, Treasure Hunter and Dark Templar.

    I'm not saying that the classes should be identical to dot hack ones, but that homage to them would go a long way. I am interested in this project because it is a dot hack game, as I'm sure the vast majority of people here are.

    I'm not trying to step on any toes. I'm just expressing my opinion on the topic and I understand there could be plenty of people who disagree with my view. I just figured that you guys were looking for input and feedback about it.

    On a side note do you guys know what you are going to do SP wise? For example the Berserker class has very low SP according to the chart. Will their moves require no SP to cast and rely on cooldowns to balance it? Or Will there be a rage system implemented such as WoW has for warriors or an energy system also from WoW that the rogues use, where they start with full energy but it decreases quickly and regenerates quickly?
  14. Seffi

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    in reply to Daikonran:

    I can see your point.. a game with the original R:1 classes is a dream I've wanted to come true for a long time.. but I'm actually really happy with what the devs are doing with the classes, and the entire mmo. They haven't taken out any of the original .Hack classes. In my opinion all they've done is added more classes with specific specialties so there is a very well defined role to be played in game as well as a very vast choice in weapon and style of combat. Yeah, they could change the names or not add these classes that have little to no homage to .hack in the game, but I think it benefits. I like the idea of creating a game influenced by .hack, however adding all these new ideas like the classes and the backstory. I'm actually really impressed.
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    Just throwing this out there, but at the bottom right corner of a post are "like" and "reply". The "reply" feature sends people an alert that their post has been replied to. Just in case you didn't know.

    ... back to lurking.
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    I did know! Hahah, I just didn't want to use that because his message is so big it would be a bit annoying to scroll through over again.
  17. Cerberuspaw

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    If you want you can actually delete most if not all the text and leave it as just a tag with his name in it
  18. Daikonran

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    Fair enough. I still stand my ground on what I said but I completely understand your point of view and why you feel that way. I can totally see the benefits of having more than 6 classes, I just think they should be a little more dot hackish.
  19. Keramory

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    Well lets use that example you gave.
    Blademaster should be a tank yes. Its after all the knight of The World. However...why is it a tank? Its just one sword! Plus its r1 stats dont support it at all (bm was pretty op too). So lets give him a shield. Now hes a real tank! A real Knight even!
    So blademaster is done.

    Now these other classes you listed all seem to have good AoE and good attack. Makes sense though, they all have large weapons. Thats not too balanced however.
    Lets look at R:1 for these classes
    HB- A DD class which has more elemental abilities then anyone else. (due to large sword and katana).
    Heavyaxe- The closest thing to tank in R:1. Largest HP and largest single hit.
    Longarm- weakest attack but fastest hit and good AoE.

    Right off the bat, Longarm looks good. Makes sense, gives balance, and a unique option of gameplay. We can keep that.

    Now for Heavyaxe and HB. Heavyaxe we can tweak a bit, but its a solid class. We can make this the option tank with blademaster. Blademaster has higher defense, Heavyaxe has higher HP. We'll give blademaster higher SP. SP will be lowered then R:1's original amount because blademaster will focus on tanking instead of a jack of all traits. Still some hate issues...but that will be tweaked as it comes up.

    Now for HB. Really the most difficult of the class to put into something from R:1. It was supposed to be in between blademaster and heavyaxe...but it really wasn't. Again though, it did have that nice feature of having more weaponskills.
    Ok heres what we'll do. We lost our balanced class because it became the main tank...lets make it the balanced class. Done.

    Ok stats and functions are done for each class. Now the names are all screwed up...because they dont match their roles. Knights an easy one. Blademasters are knights. Blademasters now have shields. Blademasters are now Knights. Heavyblades are basically...blademasters. Heavyblade is now Blademaster.
    Heavyaxe...Longarm...outside of .hack fandom...are kind of silly names. Plus there is way too many similarities with this game and .hack as it is. Why run the risk? Berserker and Lancer.
    Bam Bam.

    Now for twinblade. A fast eva class with quick hits AND the second most powerful magic abilities?
    One or the other. We need a fast class with high eva. So there we go. Twinblade for the name though? Kindda silly. Plus we need a class that specializes outside of just combat. Thief was born.

    That was the mentality of the classes.

    As for SP...some classes abilities require less SP then others (berserkers). Their low SP pool was to guarentee their lack of magic abilities.
  20. Judge

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    Reading this you should call it R3 lol. So much have change and then again so much didn't change.

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