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    Basic Classes

    Class: Knight
    Weapon: Sword and Shield
    Role: Tank
    Knights are the sworn protectors of The World. Armed with Heavy Armor and a large shield, they can take blows from any force that comes in their direction. Eventually trained Knights can learn the art of healing and protect themselves and their friends from damage. It is said Those who stray away from the light arts forsake their shield and wield yet another sword, consuming themselves in the bloodshed of front line battles.

    Class: Wavemaster
    Weapon: Staff
    Role: Heal/DD
    Wavemasters come from a long history of powerful mages and witches from times long forgotten. Those who practice in these sarcred arts have more access to magic then any other class within The World. By forsaking their physical traits for expanding their minds however, they are vunerable being attacked if not protected. It is said that once a Wavemaster becomes advanced enough, they tend to choose their efforts on healing the sick or summoning even more powerful dark arts.

    Class: Lancer
    Weapon: Lance
    Role: AoE
    Lancers are fast moving, wise cracking adventerers of The World. Wearing light clothes to keep their limbs flexable, these Lancers swing their lances around their area, hitting enemies from long disntances around them. Some Lancers decide to use their talents learned on stage to further increase their ability on the battle field. Others however, are rumored to belong to a secret sect whos intentions are questionable. They are usually seen in dark robes and leave behind their spears for more powerful Sythes.

    Weapon: Sword
    Role: Support/average
    Blademasters are the most balenced of all classes. Armed with a single sword, the Blademaster is free to summon fairly powerful magic with their other hand. They deal their fair share of damage and can take a punch as well. Eventually many blade masters abandon their free hand to wield powerful two handed weapons, while others stay true to their ways until the end, marking them heros throughout The World.

    Weapon: Axe
    Role: Damage
    Armed with large axes, these titans deal out more damage then any other class within The World. Wearing heavy armor, their mobility and ability to dodge is quite low. They fear not however, believing they can easily kill their enemies before their enemy can kill them. Most HeavyAxes trade in their axes for even larger axes, increasing their damage. For those who dont, decide to focus on increasing the amount of damage they can take so they can defend their allys.

    Rune Caster
    Weapon: Rune Gun
    Role: Support
    Adventerers who combine old forbidden magic with new technology have created a powerful and most unique weapon, the Rune Gun. Rune guns are mearly weapons that release the true catalyst of power, Rune Shells. Rune shells contain within them powerful forgotten magic, releasing different effects pending on the shell fired. Rune Casters differ on how they approach battles once acustomed to the basic mechanics, either weakining monsters for fellow allys or destroying them completely.

    Weapon: Dagger
    Role: Increase rare drop rate / Drop rate.
    Not all classes are made for combat, and the Thief is a prime example of this truth. Armed with only a simple dagger, these high risk adventerers care for only one thing, treasure. With a keen ability to dodge even the fastest attacks, these thieves run through dangerous dungeons collecting the rarest of treasure, some of which only other adventerers can only dream of. More malice hearted thieves eventually go rogue, arming themselves with another dagger for quick killings from behind.

    Advanced Classes


    Weapon: Sword and Shield
    Role: Tank and healing
    Those Knights who stay true to their code of justice eventually make way into the art of the Paladin. Armed with their original sword and shield, the Paladin stays focused on its role to defend friends and the innocent until the end. Paladins spend their free time learning the healing arts to aid those in need without resorting to violence.

    Dark Templar
    Weapon: Two swords
    Role: Damage Dealing
    Being in countless battles can make even the purest of intended Knights twisted. Those who become blood thirsty even after the last monster is slain are known throughout The World as Dark Templars. Throwing their shields away using their free hand for a second sword, Dark Templars wont stop fighting until everything in their path no longer draws breath. Some even go as far to learn the dark forbidden magic arts of old.

    Weapon: Rod
    Role: Healing and Buffs
    Eventually all Wavemasters end up being forced the choice to choose which road of study to take, the light side or the dark. Those who choose to use their magical talents for good are known as Clerics. Being able to heal and protect those like know other, Clerics are valuable friends to be by ones side regardless of the situation.
    Weapon: Staff
    Role: Nuke and Debuffs
    Those Wavemasters who choose to study the dark arts are dubbed Warlocks by the mass population of The World. These Warlocks focus their energy on powerful destructive magic of every element. It is said those experienced and bold enough even learn the forbidden art of summoning, a magic art with high risk to the user.


    Weapon: Katana
    Role: Elemental Damage
    Blademasters who choose to forgo their magic instead use their elemental powers into their blade, quickly becoming the famous and feared Samurai. Using special curved blades known as Katanas, the Samurai become elemental masters for any situation. Katanas are special curved two handed swords, specially designed to absorb intense elemental input that would destroy most weapons.

    Weapon: Dual handed Blade
    Role: Support
    Those who stay true to aiding their friends in any situation become Heros in the publics eye. Keeping their giant two handed blades, Heros swipe through their opposition while keeping their team in check. There is nothing too difficult for a true Hero of The World.


    Weapon: Sythe
    Role: AoE, Slow swings, loses or gains HP on attacks
    Reapers and a mysterious and dangerous lot of the most dangerous users within The World. Using giant Sythes most would be too scared to wield, the Reaper swings such giant weapons around with a dark grace, using even pieces of their soul in each attack. Their purpose unknown, the Reapers life span isn't considered to be a long one due to their reckless in combat.
    Weapon: Spear
    Role: AoE, fast attacks
    Acrobatics use their wild swinging abilities to devastate the area around them with rapid speed and precision. Not even the most hardcore battlefield veterans can follow a true Acrobat's speed with a spear as they tear through the lines. Due to their need of flexability, the Acrobatic wears light and loose clothes, making them vulnerable to being attacked.

    Rune Caster

    Rune Sage
    Weapon: Caster
    Role: Strong Support Class
    Eventually Rune Casters learn the secrets behind the magic of their ammunition, being able to use even more powerful Rune Shells. These Rune Casters are known by their followers as the Rune Sages, using the most powerful spells through the ends of their barrels. Some Rune Shells are said to even absorb life force from the user, so even the most advanced Rune Sages are wary to abuse such spells.
    Weapon: Caster gun with a bayonet attached
    Role: Damage
    Those Rune Casters unconcerned for anything else but the annihilation of their enemies are known as Marksmen. Being able to fire and hit their targets much farther then their counterparts, the Marksmen also attach bayonets to their weapons incase a brave enemy decides to foolishly rush them. Their bayonets will not save them for long however, just enough to aid in damage between shots while the real melee finish the job.


    Weapon: Double sided Axes
    Role: Damage
    There are few things in this World more frightning then an aggressive Executioner. Focusing all their power on their unlucky victims, the Executioner dishes out more damage then any other class within The World. Concerned not about even themselves in combat, an Executioners biggest weakness is its kill before being killed mentality. That being said, there is not much that can withstand it's mighty blows enough for an Executioner to care about it's own safety.
    Weapon: Single Sided Axe
    Role: Tanking
    Many Berserkers decide they can use their large build and toughened muscles to better use then just attacking their enemies. They use themselves to not only attack with massive force, but train their bodies to take the backlash of their opponents as well. Wearing large metal armor, the Sentinel is a great choice for those who wish to challenge even the most dangerous creatures face to face.


    Weapon: Two Daggers
    Role: Damage
    Thieves have been known to take jobs that many would consider unmoral. However even thieves have principles and an honor code when it comes to battle. Rogues however, do not. Using any method of combat they can, Rogues does what ever it takes to lay their targets to rest. Their specialty is attacking their enemies from behind, dealing more damage to their unknowning targets then if they were to fight face to face.
    Treasure Hunter
    Weapon: Single Dagger / Sneaking
    Role: Increased treasure chances and item drops.
    The most successful thieves become famed Treasure Hunters. Their methods maybe questionable, but those who hire a Treasure Hunter care not once they see the bounty the Treasure Hunter collects. Treasure Hunters lack defense and attack however, so protecting them as they do their job is a top priority.
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    This is going to make drawing up concept art a lot easier to keep track of.
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    Updated advanced classes...phew.

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