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Discussion in 'Character Creator' started by Cabela, Mar 18, 2016.

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    For character customization, which I mean dress, etc. It looks great so far, but here are some suggestions

    Eye addition-Choose between small eyes or big eyes. Then choose eye color.

    Face modification-I think face should just be your mouth and nose.

    Hair-Choose hair style and there will be three variations: short, medium, long. For example, if a style has a pony tail in the back and two bangs in the front, selecting long will make the pony tail long and the two bangs long.

    Body- What I noticed with body is there aren't any robe choices. I was picturing a long robe for my character. Maybe give a variety of robe options? Also, maybe change color scheme for each type?

    There is an mmorpg called Aura Kingdom, which has a costume system. In the custom versions of costume, you can have a mix of three colors that edit certain parts of the clothing. For example, the magical girl outfit has a light blue top, a dark blue bottom, and gold engravings. You can edit those colors, so you can make it a light pink top, a purple bottom, and white engravings.

    Coloring-More customization options can be given if players had an option to do a RGB system. There is a mmorpg(probably dead), called Fairyland, which allowed you to change your hair color and clothing color using the RGB system in the character creation. No, don't put the RGB system in the skin color. Let's just say the results I saw were scary.

    I know that's too far, thinking outside the box here XD But I hope this is something that will be at least taken in consideration.

    Another concern of mine is the movement. I know that will be updated overtime, but I think the way the character travels and the animation of the character...the animation should be a few frames faster or the speed should be slower.

    Not sure if this will be read but thanks for reading

    Here are the video game examples for the coloring:
    Aura Kingdom Dye System-
    Fairyland RGB System-
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    Thank you for your feedback.

    Of course we always read these types of posts. The staff are always wanting to find out how each and every player feels about the game. The developers in particular may not always have the time to respond, but they do make an effort to go through and read what all of you post about the game. That is one thing I can say will always be true.

    Feel free to keep posting more threads like this about what you want to see done with the game. I can't assure you that any of your ideas will be implemented, but they may just spark an original idea all their own for this game.

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