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    Feeling like adding another part of the Lore outside the Goddesses. This is less mystical, an actual documented time in history.
    And...the rise and fall of..."The One Sin". Might have to name him "The True Sin" because of copyright. Open to other badass names as well.

    Until 50 years ago, there were many great nations within The World. Aqua Polis for example, was once a grand city using its imports to collect vast riches from neighboring areas. Their only concern became a tribe of beastmen known as "Goblins". These greedy but intellegent monsters sought to keep these riches to themselves, and would often rob unsuspecting travellers. Outside these random acts of violence however, Aqua Polis stood strongly around its kingdom.

    An even greater nation was the kingdom of "Aurarum", where Lia Fail now resides. The largest of all territories, Aurarum was the leading authority of The World. Although various monsters resided within its kingdom, Aurarum's main concern became a Beastmen tribe known as the "Orcs". Although not as clever as an average Goblin, the orcs were larger and much more aggressive. There have been many wars between the Orcs and the army of Aurarum, however the kingdom has always ended victorious against the vicious Orcs.

    There are many other groups of advanced monsters, of which includes the curious but deadly Imps, the beautiful underwater Syreni, and the larger then buildings, Gigas. The most dangerous of Beastmen were the Dragon and Demon races, which would typically keep to themselves unless provoked.

    Despite all these dangers, the Humans dominated most of the known world and began to spread across the reaches of The World with little trouble thanks to the power of the Chaos Gate. Eventually however, a new threat began to slowly creep its way into The World...whom would later be named "The True Sin".

    As the humans expanded, The True Sin bid its time, growing in strength. Soon enough The True Sin created a loyal but small army with the Demon tribes. Although powerful, The True Sins army was not large enough to take on any large number, so he sought the aid by taking control of the Orc Tribes, promising them power over Aurarum. The Orcs were easily persuaded and became the bulk of The True Sin's army. Despite this large increase, Aurarum was still too powerful to invade, so The True Sin set its sights on Sacercra Arboris. Using the dense trees as cover as they swept the small but powerful country, The True Sin's army easily over powered its inhabitants, forcing what remained of Sacercra's army back to it's Sacrard Tree. Although unable to break through the ancient magic barriers of Sacercra, The True Sin dominated the majority of the area. Thankful for their homes being returned to them, the Imp tribe joined the ranks of The One Sin.

    The True Sin soon set its eyes on Aqua Polis, hoping to crush their imports to weaken Aurarum. Leaving a small portion of his army behind, The True Sin traveled south. Aqua Polis was prepared however, causing much difficulty for The True Sin to cross over to their land. After many months of Aqua Polis holding their own against The True Sin's army, The True Sin became furious. He sent his elite guard to the Goblin Tribes, whom at first rejected his offer to join his army. The elite guard burned down two fortresses of the Goblins with ease, forcing the rest to join out of fear as well as promise of the riches Aqua Polis hords. The Goblins knew the Island well, and with their help they slipped in through Aqua Polis and destroyed key areas of their barricades. Aqua Polis was out numbered and their advantage was destroyed. They requested the aid of other nations, only to fall to deaf ears. As the port towns began to fall, many fled around through secret routes into Aurarum. However The True Sin predicted this, employing the wrath of the Syreni to sink ships passing by. Less then half of the remaining army and townsmen made it back to Aurarum.

    The True Sin's army was completed, enlisting the aid of most Beastmen Tribes within The World. They went under the banner of Sin's Wrath, and began to consume all the small settlements around The World. Meanwhile the remaining survivors of Aqua Polis went under the protection of Aurarum. Confident in their army, the Aurarum Guard sent out a small army to crush an advanced party of Sin's Wrath. Ever last soldier of Aurarum's Guard was slaughtered, and their twisted remains hung around the fields thanks to the work of Sin's Wrath. Realizing what they were facing, Aurarum called in the aid of all those who could fight. The exception being Mu Hel, who refused to involve themselves, knowing the mountian terrain around them could never be penetrated. Knowing they did not have enough to face Sin's Wrath, the sought the aid of the magical prowess of Sacercra Arboris. They sent another small platoon south to distract Sin's Wrath while their main army went north, destorying The True Sin's army that remained to guard Sacercra Arboris. Freeing the inhabitants and gaining their powerful magical knowledge, they gathered back to Aurarum to strategize against Sin's Wrath.

    The various surviving nations grouped together under the name of Aura's Birgade. They created several large platoons across the land, and fought against Sin's Wrath well. Using their massive numbers and magical aid of Sacercra's Mages, they start to push back Sin's Wrath. Through the months there became countless stories of Aura's Birgade toppling the over whelming Sin's Wrath. These victories soon fell short as The True Sin himself as well as his elite guard entered the front lines. His overwhelming power cut through Aura's Birgade with ease, demorlizing their troops. Eventually Aura's Birgade was driven back to their last fortress, Lia Fail. Although powerful, Sin's Wrath could not break through the physical might of Lia Fail's walls, as well as the magical barriers set upon them. For a time, Aurarum was safe.

    This did not last long. The True Sin traveled to Mu Hel and requested the aid of the Giga's Tribe. The True Sin also requested the aid of various legendary Dragons that roamed Mu Hel's mountians, but none would come to his aid. The Giga's for now were enough, as they began to slowly erode Lia Fail's walls with their unfathomable strength. Aura's Birgade made small pushes to back Sin's Wrath away when they could, slowing the process of Lia Fails fall. Although victory was within his grasp in time, The True Sin grew impatient and went to Mu Hel's Mountians again, taking some of his army with him. He was determined to gain the powers of the Dragons that resided there, using force if he had too. The Dragons became provoked, crushing any of Sin's Wrath that ventured too far. The inhabitants of Mu Hel, secretive but still technologically advanced for their time, became victims of the Dragons wrath due to The True Sin's invasion. Fearing their lands would be destroyed, Mu Hel joined with Aura's Birgade and shared their secrets of the Rune Gun. Armed with new troops and new weapons, Aura's Birgade crushed Sin's Wrath to the north, freeing Mu Hel. Eventually they managed to push back Sin's Wrath to the east, onto a peninsula where Sin's Wrath made their last stand and final fortress where The True Sin resided. Eventually a majority of the Beastmen Tribes abandoned Sin's Wrath, seeing no chance of surviving in the harsh conditions of the area and the overwhelming numbers of Aura's Birgade. The True Sin's wrath knowing no limits, used his power to destroy the chokehold of the peninsula, crushing the fleeing Beastmen and Aura's Birgade alike, which held in that position. The aftermath created what is now known as Scelus Island. The advanced portion of Aura's Birgade was stuck within the island, forcing them to create a base to hold out against the remaining army of The True Sin. This base is now known as Biarma Stronghold, locating itself between the mountians of where the peninsula used to connect.

    Knowing they couldn't hold out forever, Aura's Birgade created a small elite group to invade The True Sin's fortress and destroy him once and for all. This group comprised of the top warrior of each aspect of weaponry, and was lead by the most powerful of them, a Knight named Karel Redstreak. They invaded the castle only to be confronted by The One Sin and his bodyguards. After a long battle The One Sin was struck down. His power was released, a shockwave of power said to be felt by every resident within The World. Although the fortress stood, no survivors of Aura's Brigades elite group returned to Biarma Stronghold, their story lost.

    The Chaos War caused massive casualities to both sides as well as the land involved in the battles. Nations soon withered down to just small cities and towns, slowly rebuilding what they lost.

    (will continue later)
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