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    This is a breakdown of ideas for our new voxel-based game project. This will be Iridum's second game, and hopefully the title that will spread our name out. As time goes on and ideas are refined, new threads will be created with more information.

    If you have ideas to add, post it. There will be similarities to Minecraft in aspect of gameplay mechanics and visual style, but will be an entirely unique game. This will NOT be a Minecraft clone.

    • Procedurally generated maps/terrain
    • Block based graphics (similar to Minecraft)
    • 4-6 Player Peer to Peer Multiplayer (Possibly more if demand rises)
    • 2-100 Player Server based Multiplayer (Using server software, MC Style)
    • C#/XNA Programming environment
    • "MonoGame" framework for cross platform deployment (Mac, iOS, Linux)
    • Grid System
    • Low-Resolution Textures
    Graphics, Visuals & SFX:

    • Shaders
    • High quality shadows/Lighting
    • Slight motion blur
    • Depth of Field blur
    • High quality water with ambient animations
    • Reflections
    • Moving clouds
    • Beautiful Skybox (HD?)
    • Leaves/tall grass sway in wind
    • Wind levels (More wind with increased altitude)
    • Ambient BG noise (wind, water, crickets, birds,etc.)
    • Textures @ 32x32 px
    • Shadows created by sun/moon, move as they do
    • Random birds/bugs flying around
    • Randomized Textures
    Gameplay Elements & Ideas:
    • Magic Attacks/Spells
    • 3-5 Classes (Knight, Mage, Thief, Alchemist, Elemental, etc)
    • Dragons and other mythical creatures (Dwarves, elves, etc.)
    • 4-8 Different biomes
    • Randomized towns/Villages
    • Castles
    • War zones
    • Factions/countries
    • Sandbox environment
    • Fully destructible
    • Exp table & Level growth
    • Skill levels
    • Elemental Skills
    • Base story that is not required
    • Various weapon items (Swords, Maces, Cannons, Catapult)
    • Armors
    • Character Customizations (Clothing, Hats, robes, etc)
    • Mining/gathering of some Ores & resources (needed for building tools/structures)
    • GUI Trading system
    • Backpack storage
    • Horses for Riding (also donkeys,camels)
    • NPC Villains
    • Monsters (goblins, orcs, trolls, faeries)
    • Ability to command a Kingdom
    • Ability to declare War on other kingdoms
    • Windmills (mills)
    • Gears based systems
    • Block grouping (creating custom doors or sliding walls)
    • Piston system (gravity effects items)
    • Jewels for Currency (Gold, Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald)
    • NPC Markets
    • Player made markets
    • Custom Texture Pack support (maybe)
    • Support for many Mechanical Inventions
    • Ropes and Pulleys
    • Trapdoor
    • Cages
    • Airships
    • Steam-powered Devices (MC Red stone alternative)
    • Gunpowder/Explosives
    • Cannonball items
    • Advanced Magic Tree
    • Alchemy system for pure mages
    • Potions, Brews, & Custom Spells
    • Tools for creating Decorative items (Saws, hammers, etc)
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    What is the method for "winning" in the optional storyline/events?
    What is the over line goal other then building?
  3. axlsjolund

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    I'm not 100% sure how one would "Win" a sandboxesque game.

    But as far as other than building, I'd say becoming ruler of all the land would be a worthy goal. Doing that'd you need castles, armies, special items gotten from quests (or ingredients from quests), and other such stuff. The idea is to have an overall story going on in the game, but the player can choose wether or not they want to take part in it, or when they want to do so.
  4. Keramory

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    how is the online? Is it like a few to a server or ?
  5. axlsjolund

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    Online will have 2 options. For basic MP games, it will use a peer to peer system similar to Xbox games, probably based off Apple's "Bonjour" standard. You open game, click mutiplayer, create game. And up to say 6 or 8 people can join you for fun.

    If you want to have a huge universe with many kingdoms and the like, you can use a freely available dedicated server client, that will support upwards of 200 players. That way the casual players with a few friends can easily play together, but people who want to have a massive community will be able to do so.
  6. Keramory

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    ok, just asking cause that makes a huge difference on how anything lore wise or over head will go
  7. lithiumsound

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    in Graphics, Visuals & SFX,
    you should add Random textures, like CTM mod in minecraft,
    it adds detail and avoid textures repetitions.
  8. axlsjolund

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    Wonderful idea. On the list it goes.

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