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    Welcome back. April is the month of tricks and Easter eggs. I hope you enjoy this months riddles, scavenger hunt, and hidden meanings. The end result is a sight to see, quite literally.

    Unlike last month's straight forward challenges, this month is quite different. Challenge one's results will be decided based on the order in which participants find the final clue. Challenge two's results will be determined by who comes the closest to the hidden answer to my riddles. Lastly, challenge three is chosen by who is able to decipher the code found in the clues. Remember, more stress is put on challenge three than one and two, and more on two than one. Play your cards wisely.

    Challenge One
    The first three to find all the clues will be the winners of challenge one. A clue consists of the hint at where the next clue is, the code, and the cipher pieces included. If you believe you have found all the clues, message me privately. Do not post any clues here until I make an announcement that it is ok to do so. Here's the starting clue:
    Challenge Two
    Within all of the clues is a hint at some hidden subject. This subject may be a person, thing, or idea. The winners will be chosen with regards to who comes the closest to this subject. You may describe it, but I'm looking for either a specific noun or grouping of nouns.
    Challenge Three
    Along with each clue lies part of a cipher. Each clue will have a code and then, below it, how to reassemble the original text. Beware, however, as you will need the entirety of the cipher before you will be able to decipher the code.
    You have until the morning of May 1st to complete all of the challenges. I will not be checking your progress, so expect no help from me other than explaining the rules and challenges.
    You are not allowed to share clue locations until all three challenge one winners have been decided. Failure to follow this rule will result in disqualification.
    May the Joker's luck be with you.
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