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Discussion in 'Progress Updates' started by Siegfre, May 20, 2015.

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    Networking, Combat, & New Models
    Enhancements to melee combat, all weapons have had their hit boxes manually tweaked, with some weapons getting secondary, and tertiary hitboxes to ensure that attacks connect when they should. This is in addition to improvements to the weapons collision detection code, which together with the improved hitboxes should eliminate non-connecting attacks.
    Exp output has been tweaked to distribute the correct amount of exp at all levels. New weapon effects have been added, as well as fixes for some monster glitches.


    On the networking side of things, movement & animation data has been compressed, and is only being sent when needed. Which means, less choppy movement, and more smooth results. There's still much more to be done before we have completely smooth results, but this puts us a lot closer towards that end.

    In the last "So the story goes.." we mentioned that some of Taylor's new models would be in this update. You can find the new field models in "Bursting Eternal Hypha".

    5f06e533-3db5-4864-a71e-25df8259d484.png 95adc44c-e26f-45e1-8b32-2c51742d4319.png

    In the next update, we'll begin working on implementing the bank, so you'll have a place to store all your loot soon. In addition to more improvements to networking/combat.

    Added: Enhanced network extrapolation, smoothed out results for laggy connections, less data sent across the network. Increased server stability.
    Added: New slash effect on weapons.
    Added: New models to "Bursting Eternal Hypha"
    Fixed: Monsters do no damage.
    Fixed: Weapons connect more than once, for every swing.
    Fixed: Monsters do not attack behind them.
    Fixed: Purple mushroom not taking damage.
    Fixed: Incorrect EXP received from monsters.
    Fixed: Chat not working.
    Fixed: Chat not scrolling on tab change.
    Fixed: Chat not scrolling all the way to the bottom when multiple lines are posted.
    Fixed: Chaos gate text defaults to previous value.
    Fixed: Options not closing at the login screen.
    Fixed: Time of day shading not applying until warping back in.
    Fixed: Monster death only occurs once the monster enters the movement state.
    Changed: Changed the transition time for attack animations.
    Changed: The control scheme a bit. Ctrl toggles the mouse. If the mouse is visible, right click turns the camera, and left click does nothing. If the mouse is not visible, then the camera turns automatically, right click performs a secondary attack, and left click performs a primary attack.
    Changed: Weapon lighting to match the player character.
    Changed: Resized all weapon hit boxes, by hand.
    Changed: Multiple enemies can be hit by a single attack.
    Changed: Added secondary hit boxes to non lethal parts of some weapons, these hit boxes do less damage.
    Changed: Push removed for normal attacks.
    Changed: Stamina returns for weapons.
    Changed: Removed collider from the bottom of the portal.
  2. calmchaos

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    @flamedog: No more baseball effect. :/
  3. flamedog

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    6:25 PM
    It's fine :3 I'll just break the game some other way...
  4. TokioKuryuu

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    6:25 PM
    Nice animated screenshot. I'm looking forward to it. <3
  5. Valkas

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    6:25 PM
  6. Cerberuspaw

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    Have you run through these steps here if so and you still have the issue there is the possibility the server is having issues, otherwise contact a member of the dev team Keramory Aryth or Siegfre and they should be able to pinpoint the issue. Either add an @ before the name or message one of them.
  7. Nytrusdeathcyde

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    6:25 PM
    sloe clap of happiness =P keep up the good work.
  8. Scipio

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    6:25 PM
    This game keeps looking better and better!
  9. ommar

    ommar Active Member Senior Member

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    6:25 PM
    I hope ill be apart of the development soon I whant to help out >.<
    <(o o<) try to save money to donate(>o o)>
  10. DriftKing16

    DriftKing16 New Member

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    6:25 PM
    If servers will be open weekends then I think I'll begin helping to test whenever I'm not in school. Expect quite a few bug reports from me; when I notice something I try not to screw around about contacting those who may be able to fix it.

    Also random possibly stupid question (On account of the 'Joy axis' things in the 'Input' box), are controllers supported?
  11. flamedog

    flamedog Draeanale Senior Member Indiegogo Backer Parkour Master

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    Yes(Controller support.. I believe we have semi if not full support?((ps3 controller emulating an xbox360 controller is what I tested with)) )and I know there is a huge bulk of bug thread pages but at least on the current page check to see if the bug was reported :3
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  12. DriftKing16

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    Nice; a while back I bought a Logitech F310 Gamepad for Dust: an Elysian Tail and Battleblock Theater. Good to know that I can add another use for it to my list :D
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  13. larynth

    larynth Member

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    6:25 AM
    not sure where to post/say this but if you guys need help with character designs, maybe weapon designs, objects, 3D models (of areas, not characters/monsters), user interface/layout, I'd be more than willing to help! I won't be much help with coding though-- unless it's web coding >_>)"
  14. flamedog

    flamedog Draeanale Senior Member Indiegogo Backer Parkour Master

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    6:25 PM
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  15. ReptarKnows

    ReptarKnows New Member

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    5:25 PM
    if theres anything this game will need its gotta be Haseo's style saw sword and or even chain swords!!
    justsayiin... lol
  16. Elk

    Elk Active Member Senior Member

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    12:25 AM
    looking good :)
  17. Unwashed Towel

    Unwashed Towel Member

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    4:25 PM
    Oh my... I am loving the weapon trail animations!!! 0.0 <3
  18. Xizor

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    12:25 AM
    So cool!!!
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  19. dinopanda_

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    Doesn't look bad obviously yall have some polishing up to do but not bad
  20. flamedog

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    6:25 PM
    Yep for the most part during the alpha we are trying to get everything working. Once we hit beta is when they will start adding more content(and possibly updating textures, etc...)

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