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Discussion in 'Progress Updates' started by Siegfre, May 1, 2015.

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    Stability Update
    This update contains 40+ bug-fixes/changes. This update gets rid of a large chunk of the bugs reported in the last few versions, putting us closer to a stable client, and as a result new features/content.

    Added: Tooltip to equipment window items.
    Fixed: Server crashes when falling outside of field bounds.
    Fixed: Falling issue going from outside to inside the shop.
    Fixed: Lorem ipsum text is displayed when you hover an item in your inventory.
    Fixed: Weapons show stack amount.
    Fixed: Activating a consumable uses the entire stack.
    Fixed: Black robe appearing in character customization menu.
    Fixed: Inventory & stat information wiped when changing gender.
    Fixed: Stats not recovering outside of battle.
    Fixed: No purchasable knight weapon, in the weapon shop.
    Fixed: Automatically equip weapon of wrong class at login.
    Fixed: Shop lets you buy items even when your inventory is full.
    Fixed: Deleting not working.
    Fixed: You can dequip an item while your inventory is full, the item gets deleted.
    Fixed: Focus remains in chatbox after warp.
    Fixed: Chaos gate crystals can be seen through the outer ring.
    Fixed: "Users online" label does not disappear when pressing alt.
    Fixed: Magic does not disappear.
    Fixed: Magic firing height, too high.
    Fixed: Changing classes allows you to keep your spells.
    Fixed: World chat not working.
    Fixed: Weapon stats not being applied.
    Fixed: Consumables not having any effect.
    Fixed: Time of day resets if you warp out of aqua polis.
    Fixed: Chat text resets when you warp into aqua polis.
    Fixed: Player names not correctly facing the camera.
    Fixed: Items like masks and Neko Ears do not equip properly.
    Fixed: Item duplication after equipping/dequipping certain items.
    Fixed: Visual appearance of items are incorrect.
    Fixed: Equipping armor makes a fan appear.
    Fixed: Jerky forward diagnol movement.
    Fixed: Rolling right not smoothly transitioning into strafing.
    Fixed: Roll direction sticks after every direction key press.
    Fixed: Dagger only being displayed in one hand.
    Fixed: Monster's do not die.
    Fixed: Can attack with menus open.
    Changed: Added SmartFox message to patcher.
    Changed: Magic is fired in the direction the character is facing. Not the direction of the camera.
    Changed: Minimum offset per second reduced slightly.
    Changed: How the intro video plays, and loads the level.
    Changed: Most consumables are now percentage based, and adjusted their effects accordingly.
    Changed: Removed tonemapping from default camera, added it to advanced shaders.
    Changed: Increased jump height.
    Changed: Player attacks should connect much more often.
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  2. TokioKuryuu

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    Amazing! If only I can get my computer fixed as soon as possible. :(
  3. AzureKite

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    Sweet! Downloading now!
  4. Cerberuspaw

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    Always great to see new version updates. (That fix list is impressive)
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    Wow I'd like to say does your bug list even lift... but it seems to lift all the things.. I'll have to go through my google doc removing things that have been fixed :3!
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  6. Quine

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    Neat, going to test it ASAP. Good work by the way.
    [EDIT: About the update, the game seems to be less stable at my notebook, but as long as i tested, there is not as much bugs pestering me, like the monster bug, or the secondary attack bug.]
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  7. NiuWang

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    Couldn't find anything, only experienced lag due to wifi lawl.
  8. Jakster

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    HUZZAH Fixes!
  9. BMRX

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    12:55 AM
  10. NubSmoo

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    Great to see that you guys still put effort into developing this game, keep up the good work!

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