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Discussion in 'Progress Updates' started by Siegfre, Apr 14, 2015.

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  1. Siegfre
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    Siegfre [IridiumBased] President Staff Member

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    Update 2.0.4 is finally ready!

    Server & Networking
    For the past few months we've been in the process of rebuilding the game's server code. This change has taken a while, but was necessary for the game to move into the next phase.

    Up until now, we used a cloud based networking system, this was an easy and quick way for us to get the game in a playable state. But, had some built in limitations, primarily, the cloud based system was only intended for a small lobby of players. And was not capable of supporting the numbers required for a full fledged MMO.

    Next, we had limited control over the "server", so changes were hard to do. This meant that persistence was almost non-existent, even though we did leverage a number of tricks to make it seem like the world was persistent between logging in and out (which caused its own set of issues).

    With the new server, all of these issues are taken care of at once. While the server is nowhere near perfect yet, it is finally good enough to replace the previous system.

    With this we are back to regular updates, now that the bulk of the networking work is done.

    Important Improvements
    • Position syncing between clients should be much smoother.
    • More users can be online at once.
    • Persistent changes can be made to the game world.
    Other Updates
    • Camera collision is much more responsive, and easier to work with.
    • Animations, the player animations have been improved, and should better match the character's movement.
    • Support for the latest Oculus Rift. (needs confirmation)
    • Tools for GM's. Moderation tools, and in-game level editing tools.
    Screenshot2.png Screenshot3.png
    • Scaling, the UI scales to screen resolution.
    • Upgrade to Unity5.
    • Quick login.
    • Login screen displays users online.

    (Mac Version Up Soon)
    • Improvements to partying and trade, left click player to open drop down menu.
    • Game client crashing on x86 OS's.
    • Monster's should no longer desync.
    • Typing "/unstuck" (without quotes) in chat will return you to the Aqua Polis gate, when in town.
    Known Issues
    • Grass. The new grass is temporarily on hold. The update to Unity5 required changes to grass shaders and code. And as a result, the prep work on our end is currently too CPU intensive for my computer. I'm going to see if I can reduce the CPU load, so that the grass can be re-added in a patch.
    • No drop function in inventory.
    • Characters are see through at certain angles.
    • If you already have an account, you'll have to recustomize your character, or parts will be invisible.
    • Flash mail, and friends list are temporarily disabled.
    • Guild name not showing above player.
    • Other player's weapons will occasionally disappear.
    Thank you to everyone who helped with internal testing. And my apologies that this update couldn't come out sooner.
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  2. Tom Badguy

    Tom Badguy Active Member Senior Member

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    7:43 AM
    Freakin' sweet. I can't wait to play around with it this weekend!
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  3. flamedog

    flamedog Draeanale Senior Member Indiegogo Backer Parkour Master

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    9:43 AM
    I haven't been able to play yet but I have to ask.... Did you fix the glitch about not being able to wear head items on females ? :3 ?
  4. Lunex

    Lunex Bloody Lunatic... Senior Member Indiegogo Backer

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    9:43 AM
    Will this update return the patcher? And will the patcher work for everyone this time? Tune in next week to find out.
  5. Queen

    Queen Guest

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    6:43 AM
    Yea! Update!

    When is the next update? Why must we wait so long? (first to complain about next update :p)
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  6. Ovan

    Ovan Active Member Senior Member

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    9:43 AM
    Thank you for all the hard work.
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  7. flamedog

    flamedog Draeanale Senior Member Indiegogo Backer Parkour Master

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    Answer no patcher :3
  8. WokioTheWolfy

    WokioTheWolfy Active Member Senior Member

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    10:43 AM
    Cool, new update.
    Can't wait to test it out on friday, btw, i found 2 areas of the game that had the same camera bug on ver 2.0.3, idk if they'll be on this version, soo im just pointing it out, i'll say the bug in the bug report this friday (because i forgot the name of the areas).
  9. D.i.z

    D.i.z Active Member Senior Member

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    3:43 PM
    you guys really are the best
  10. TokioKuryuu

    TokioKuryuu Allgegenwärtige Katze Senior Member

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    9:43 AM
  11. karashe

    karashe Well-Known Member Senior Member Indiegogo Backer

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    8:43 AM
    Welp time to come out of lurker mode for a while.
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  12. flamedog

    flamedog Draeanale Senior Member Indiegogo Backer Parkour Master

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    9:43 AM
    It came to me Siegy... How hard would it be to dynamically color a certain part of the texture of the player model ? OwO
  13. Siegfre
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    Siegfre [IridiumBased] President Staff Member

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    6:43 AM
    It's something I've considered, it's isn't really "hard". The base texture has to be made a certain way, or all the colors will make it look generic-ish, and details will be lost in important places.

    I have yet to have the free time necessary to play around with this (partially because of its low priority atm). But at some point I will see if I can figure out how to do it, hopefully without fudging the textures too much.
  14. flamedog

    flamedog Draeanale Senior Member Indiegogo Backer Parkour Master

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    9:43 AM
    I only ask because of the eye brow color :3 Also maybe custom colored underwear.. because I like to customize everything owo!
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  15. Jakster

    Jakster Well-Known Member Senior Member

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    Did this update fix the cursor not going to camera mode? Wasn't sure is it did or not.
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  16. Taltiana

    Taltiana Well-Known Member Senior Member Backer

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    9:43 AM
    I also enjoy customizing everything <3
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  17. Marine

    Marine Member Backer

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    6:43 AM
    Oh, I'm very glad to see this finally done, I'm sure you've been working hard! Happily looking forward to new updates, I might do some wandering later~

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