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  1. Siegfre
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    Update 2.0.2 is a stability and combat update for the game. Focusing in particular on issues that make it hard to consistently play the game in its current state.

    • Enemy collision based damage. Enemies will now only do damage if their "weapon" actually hits you. This is in contrast to the previous system where the enemy could always hit you as long as you were in range. The collision detection still needs a fair amount of tweaking, but now you should be able to avoid enemy attacks and add in a bit of strategy.
    • Popup box explaining how to obtain keys show up after registration. Along with links to the forum and donation area.
    Screenshot2.png Screenshot3.png
    • Enemy targeting has been moved to the scroll wheel button. Shift now activates a roll (WIP).
    • Exp, stat, and gp, save/load improvements. Fixed a few issues that were causing Exp to be overwritten on login, gp to not save under certain conditions, and stats to come up wonky sometimes.
    • Chat once again works correctly.
    • Fixed login messages and connection issues. Everyone should seamlessly be able to move from registering multiple accounts, to logging in, and recovering from error messages (due to invalid registrations, passwords, etc..).
    • The internals of the menu system have been remade. All menus can be opened and closed at any time using their activation key, they don't alter the mouse state, the menus are independent and for the most part don't mess with each other.
    • Sound preferences are stored and loaded correctly, on login the sound should be exactly as you left it.
    • Levels are now loaded using a more stable system, there should be fewer issues going and leaving from areas.
    • Players should no longer hang in the air after jumps.
    • Minor tweak to how item prices are calculated.
    • Performance fixes that should directly translate to increases in FPS.
    • Movement synchronization has been altered for better responsiveness.
    • Mouse does not disappear on login screen.
    • There are some seemingly random changes to combat, this is a WIP change, and there will be a dedicated update to explain everything once it's completed. For the meantime combat may seem a bit more unstable then usual.


    1. The Oculus Rift code needs to be updated and made compatible with DK2.
    2. UI Buttons are all square, the UI is going to be tweaked in the near future to fit our hexagon theme.
    3. Some elements still need to be converted to the new UI scheme.
    4. Aqua Polis trees need to be tweaked, the sway is a bit off the branches and the leaf shading is a bit too vibrant.
    5. When equipping a piece of armor or weapon, the inventory slot is still filled in despite the item not showing up in the inventory.
    6. Fullscreen flickering on client startup.
    7. Icons cannot be allocated to the skill bar.
    8. You can get stuck inside of monsters.
    9. The player does a full-rotation when targeting an enemy, instead of smoothly turning towards it.

    As always please let us know when you find issues/contradictions during your testing, and thank you to everyone for helping us continue to forge this world.
  2. Lunex

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    2:33 AM
    Do I see a rolling mechanic?
  3. Siegfre
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    Siegfre [IridiumBased] President Staff Member

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    11:33 PM
    Yep, we recently finalized all our documentation for the combat system so we're going to be going through and updating/tweaking/changing mechanics to match our specs.

    One of those features is rolling... it's not finished yet though.. hence the (WIP) tag.
  4. Jakster

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    1:33 AM
    i...i'm not sure. I think you do and its glorious!

    By the way Siegre, is there different rolling animations for each direction you move in or is it a singular animation at the moment?
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  5. MoogleMorphosis

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    12:33 AM
    That sounds pretty cool. ^^ I was wondering, if there could be slight alterations towards the evasion, like a charge-release thing. This kinda started with skyrim, whenever I had this "jump high" mod on khajiits, but they managed to make it a permanent fixture- no mode of how high one wished to jump.

    With rolling, I was figuring, of course in due time, something like, in a panicky pressing of the roll action button, makes it more easy to stumble/fall. I imagine that simple singular taps may just be a strafe, but to make it like the leap of faith, the urge to roll is balanced, or so I`d deemed.
  6. Jakster

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    1:33 AM
    Soooo are we not doing friday/saturday f2p anymore?
  7. Siegfre
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    Siegfre [IridiumBased] President Staff Member

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    11:33 PM
    We are, if it's not working either pm me the details or post a bug report. You should be able to login.
  8. Rinhanakimi

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    11:33 PM
    On windows 8 and for some reason it wont load the game at all. this is a new laptop so im not sure whats wrong on my end.

    Nvm. for some reason it only works in full screen and not in windowed mode
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  9. Jakster

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    1:33 AM
    Well i can't check anymore but i'l let you know next friday if its working or not unless someone else has beaten me to it.
  10. Elk

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    8:33 AM
    Looks very interesting... can't wait to see more!

    Keep up the good work
  11. Quine

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    5:33 AM
    Lol, the world is way better now, the you are dead screen remembers me of ragnarok XD

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