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    This update addresses issues with trade, and partying. In addition to bugfixes, monster exp changes, and some changes to combat to make it more visceral. The patcher has also been given some new improvements, and should work for even more users then before.

    New trade system
    , easily trade gold, weapons, armor, and consumables.
    Screenshot4.png Screenshot5.png Screenshot6.png Screenshot7.png Screenshot8.png

    1. To start trading just right click another player and choose trade, this will send them a trade request.
    2. Once they accept the request, click on the items you'd like to trade. (Left click add, right click remove, click on the gold icon to set an exact amount of gold to trade)
    3. Click "Trade", once the other player accepts the trade will go through. "Cancel" will immediately end the trade, and close the window.
    New party UI, and party system tweaks.

    -Using a door requires the player to press "e" (interact key) to enter.

    -All the different chat types work correctly. Typing with a tab selected will automatically send your message to that tab. (typing in party chat will go to party, guild to guild, and world to world) Indicators have been added to each tab to let you know when there's a new message, when the tab is dark, that means there's a new message.
    Screenshot0.png Screenshot1.png Screenshot2.png Screenshot3.png Screenshot10.png Screenshot11.png Screenshot12.png

    -Added feedback to player melee attacks. The screen shakes a bit when doing a successful melee attack, in addition to an effect at the point of impact.

    -Monster HP correctly displays near them, instead of floating off into the distance.
    Screenshot44.png Screenshot14.png

    -Monster networking has been improved and should respond/synchronize better overall.

    -Monster exp values have been tweaked, you should now get good exp from monsters even after you exceed their level.

    -The game's startup video should come in smoother for people who previously had issues with it.

    (If the patcher does not work for you, then please use the download below)
    1. The new UI needs to be made compatible with the Oculus Rift mode. This is coming soon.
    2. UI Buttons are all square, the UI is going to be tweaked in the near future to fit our hexagon theme.
    3. Some elements still need to be converted to the new UI scheme.
    4. Aqua Polis trees need to be tweaked, the sway is a bit off the branches and the leaf shading is a bit too vibrant.
    5. When equipping a piece of armor or weapon, the inventory slot is still filled in despite the item not showing up in the inventory.
    6. Camera collision issues.
    7. Fullscreen flickering on client startup.
    8. Icons cannot be allocated to the skill bar.
    9. You can get stuck inside of monsters.
    10. Sometimes monster's disappear when someone logs off.
    11. The player does a full-rotation when targeting an enemy, instead of smoothly turning towards it.

    As always please let us know when you find issues during your testing, and thank you to everyone for helping us continue to forge this world.
  2. 1UP

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    3:29 AM
    It appears that I am able to login now.
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  3. Crim

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    12:29 AM
    Awesome news. If anyone else is still having issues logging in, please let us know.
  4. oculus

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    9:29 AM
    thanks for the hard work, its getting more and more playable each update
  5. Gwidhw

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    12:29 AM
    Uh... "bad login credentials"..? o.o
    I can't login :(

    EDIT: Uh... never mind..? I restarted and it just kind of.. worked...?
  6. Death

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    >Linux version
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  7. AzureKite

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    Sweet when I have some free time from the family, work or the minecraft project, I'm going to start trying this out again. I need to find my hidden spots!
  8. Zeke

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    12:29 AM
    Hey, I've been MIA for a little while. Haven't been able to test my Oculus Rift DK1 out after the last update.

    My Oculus Rift DK2 should be here in the next few hours. I was curious, is this version of the game compatible with DK2?

    Also, great work with the game. Loving this new update.

    Edit: DK2 is here. Setting it up right now.

    Edit2: I have answered my own question. DK2 does not currently work for this version of the game.
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  9. Crim

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    12:29 AM
    Thanks for testing that for us.
  10. TokioKuryuu

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    3:29 AM
    Linux version! Now I was able to test it out and create tutorial for Linux users.

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