Alpha - 1.9.1 Patchnotes

Discussion in 'Progress Updates' started by Siegfre, May 24, 2014.

  1. Siegfre
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    12:37 AM
    This update has some minor bug fixes to the login system, and the monsters. A number of people have been reporting issues with the account registration, this will hopefully clear up the problem.

    We're still finishing up the last few new outfits, but they should be coming out here soon.

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  2. rebelfan504

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    2:37 AM
    well sieg the monsters now dont die

    like they spawn and dont move and you just keep hitting them and nothing happens they worked this morning , I played last night for a few hours and today and until the most recent update the monsters were attacking and they could be killed.
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  3. TheEnigmaticLahran

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    3:37 AM
    I encountered that last update, rebel. It's been reported in the 1.9 bug reports already.
  4. rebelfan504

    rebelfan504 Active Member Backer

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    2:37 AM
    no you did not last one i was able to lvl up and kill stuff this update was different.. I think yours might of been isolated to just you this one actually stopped them from being killed.

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