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    Aeasrim, a land of green and happiness, where the powerful, and the weak, happy, and miserable, lived in harmony, and silence was the law.
    But Aeasrim was also a well protected land as well. Anyone with evil intents that passes the border, is immediately reported to the King, and sent off.
    But this protection didn't work as planned.
    A Person, a, thing, has crossed the Border unnoticed, and has ventured into the Village of Bolfhem, and has turned the peaceful Village into a razed fiery pile of charcoal, and has went himself, to the next Village, Frondlend, which has suffered the same fate as Bolfhem.
    The King was not blind nor deaf, he heard the news, of Bolfhem and Frondlend destroyed.
    He made a wanted note for the Person who did it, but no success.
    The thing, instead of going to the next town to show it its power, has seen the posters, and went to another direction -- to the Capitol.
    The King wanted to ambush the thing, but it has escaped into the Keep of his Castle, and the King, surrounded by his guards who vowed to protect him, saw with his own eyes, the person that has somehow came into Aeasrim and set off such chaos.
    The person was unknown gender, most likely male. The King could not see its face due to the vast Iron helmet protecting its face. He noticed it wore strange white metal armor, a white cape, had a spike going up out of its helmet. The Man spoke to the King, "So here you are, King of Aeasrim, I finally get to meet you face to face", and the Man slowly took out his incredibly long and heavy Halberd with one hand, and Purple Fire came out of the other, "You, are my problem, a pest, sitting in the throne of this land", the Man slowly walked towards the King and the Guards, "You, are one of the many Souls that I will seize, and will make serve me!" and the Man killed all the guards in one strike of his Halberd, the King was terrified, "Who-Who are you... H-H-How dare you..!", the King sensed the Man was smiling, "You will know who I am, I will make you remember, for it will be the last thing you will ever remember!", and the Man held his Halberd above the Kings head, "The name, is Loterates.." and Loterates swung the blade, and the Kings bloody head, toppled on the floor.
    Fear was written all over his pale face.
    Thus is the short story of how Aeasrim turned from such a great place, to a dark land, ruled by the infamous Tyrant Loterates.
    But not all subjected to his rule, some, rebelled, but their hopes were lost.
    Who will help them?
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