[A] Necromonger's Armor Set

Discussion in 'Character Creator' started by Sigan, May 14, 2015.

  1. Sigan

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    Head: Cowl of the Necromonger- A rather simple smooth mask similar to that of a plate helmet with no etchings or identifiable marks other than the slits for the eyes and ornate design where the nose and mouth go. A dark hood shrouds the mask and head.

    Chest: Heart of the Necromonger- A ribbed chest piece of discolored metal giving off the distinction of Bone, then wrapped about with a long tattered dark mantle that flaps about the wearer.

    Arms: Hands of the Necromonger- A tattered ruffle of sleeves protrude to about the elbow. From there to the hands are a long set of gauntlets that are etched with eerie runes with a twisted demeanor about them.

    Pants: Leggings of the Necromonger- Simple, dark pants...Really no big discussion or focus on this XD Should be somewhat baggy near the top though and slowly thin down to the shin.

    Boots: Treads of the Necromonger- Ornate metal boots that follow the same ornate scheme in the mask, Runes should be etched in the shin-guards.

    Coloration I would hope could follow this image.

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  2. Tom Badguy

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    That pic is sick, what is it from?
  3. Sigan

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    Don't recall. Sorry man. I've used this image as an RP profile pic for a great many years though.
  4. CorePlaysMCNMore

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    I think the pic is an armor set from Demon Souls for mages, but it does remind me of a high rank armor set from FF11 online.

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