3 bugs in the "start town?"

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Nilzko, Mar 13, 2015.

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  1. Nilzko

    Nilzko Active Member Senior Member

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    9:52 AM
    I found these bugs on "start town" or whatever it is.
    The warp button does not working.
    If go to sea or water its teleports to start location
    Im not quite sure what version im using but i downloaded today the world at the sites so i think its latest.
    Also loging out does nothing the tools and chat disappears but can escape with windows key. Lol...
  2. Cerberuspaw

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    for now try to keep the bugs to the current version list http://forum.iridiumbased.com/threads/2-0-3-aka-masque-of-the-harvest-bug-reports.2469/. The warp only activates when existing fields are traveled to Current Existing fields are

    • Hidden Forbidden Holyground
    • Hidden Forbidden Sea of Sand
    • Momentay Soft Spiral
    • Detestable Smiling Paradise
    • Boundless Agonizing Melody
    • Rejecting Forbidden Messenger
    • Bursting Eternal Hypha
    As well as the Masque of the Harvest Event field
  3. flamedog

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    All of your "bugs" are either known(log out bug use exit game) or aren't bugs at all (example the water)... Also please use the normal thread as linked above (http://forum.iridiumbased.com/threads/2-0-3-aka-masque-of-the-harvest-bug-reports.2469/)

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