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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Cerberuspaw, Apr 14, 2015.

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  1. AzureKite

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    I know haha The World is scary! I have to check the fps I get in town, I know in Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground I was hitting around 250fps even. *edit* Alright yeah I get around 125fps in Mac Anu
  2. flamedog

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    • I know it's been pointed out that moving back and fourth in and out of the shop drops you out of map... BUT I've found that when leaving instead of hitting E just keep walking and you'll start to fall
    • Focusing on chat still causes you to stop falling
    • You can still sit slid but now you can just stand up to stop you from sliding
    • I know skybox problems have been reported but I don't think this gap has
    • Should we be not taking damage in town ?
    • I've noticed(mostly when clearing out all the floating coins in sea of sand.. that when you hit a monster with a fireball it doesn't always show the damage text
    • When using lockout(middle mouse) and on a slope you can't see anything as the camera is locked looking at the ground
    • Any chance of items filling open slots ?(well an option to at least)
    • It may just be me but no of the potions for the cute neko girl in spawn work
      • Haven't found a way to restore MP
    • Hitting things with a base staff does the same amount of damage as a base sword / base spear
    • When fighting something up close you can get what feels like stuck in the hurt animation and can't move nor can you swing
    • Shops don't display how much you currently have(money)
    • At least through buying potions.. invetory fills from the right side...
    • Unless I had to do something special.. clicking an item stack(such as 20 potions) uses them all at once
    • I'm not sure if I've said this yet.. but potions don't heal health or MP
    • For shops with multiple pages any chance we can get a page number? Something simple like
    • Armor has a stack number when you can't stack them
    • Shops don't cost money
    • When buying armor it isn't telling me I have a full inventory
    • You can next page past the last row of your inventory in shops
    • It is cool we can now sell all item slots ... but it seems to list them backwards. I say this because "Rusty Knives" was on the last slot of the last row
    • It seems to only happen on the last page of selling for example if I have a inventory full of Item A and I go to the last page of sell. If you sell the item from the last page it removes other items with the same name before it's self.. Like it will start removing Item A from row 2 or something and then finally when it's the only one left it will sell it's self
    • Deleting to many items breaks the delete function
      • It may be that you just can't delete some slots
      • So... having a full inv breaks the delete function it would seem...
    • Turns out you can still sell the slots but still no deleting
    • Still randomly equipping the fan when I have nothing equipped(female.. not sure about male)
      • Even if you equip a weapon it stays there past an f2 but not log out / closing
    • Items don't show what the stat info they have such as "+5 atk"
    • When you have your menu open you can still attack
      • clicking chat textbox also attacks
      • click a spell icon in tray attacks but doesn't fire spell just does the normal melee attack (only keybinds)
    • I'm sure it has been reported but if you hold right click and move around you get really choppy
    • Something is causing the guild menu to not open after normal play
    • I'm sure you know since you said guilds are broken. But the Submit button doesn't submit guild info
    • Still Clipping
    • On topic with the next bullet scrolling in menu's messes with the camera zoom
    • Can't view bottom of stats
    • Transparent armor
    • F8(this was one click( spams your chat
    • Does dying make you lose levels...? Because I was level 30...
    • Spamming chat with messages / f8ing it breaks chat
    • Floating orc things
    • On a my main account(no _) I can click the "yes" button to the "you died" but.. when on my second account (with a _) I can't click "yes" or "no"... they are both female but the main account is invisible
    • Don't exp for killing things
    • Gahh the test for the calibrate message
      • Also did you fix the crash on calibrate confirm(don't have a controller to use with the game)
    • Can still open say ESC menu from edit keys menu (aka opening menus from other menus)
    • Good job fixing trying to logon to the same account (second try locks up on login stage: connecting)
    • Ok after trying to connect to the same account from a second account in game it caused no more information on the already logged in user to be sent so they don't get who is moving or if they are moving
    • When I'm logged in and still can't see my self.. (bottom client) I can see all but my head on other clients(top client)
    • Would seem two people can't open the same shop
    • You can't open two clients from one computer they don't' sync up
    • Should left click and Ctrl give different animation attacks?
    • You roll the way the camera is facing.. so example I could roll backwards when my model is looking forward
    • It would seem when in a field with someone their location doesn't change
    • I can't really test it due to not being able to really use two clients but someone else says I'm not really moving when we are in a field together
    • Linux build would be nice
    • Exiting the game(via the x button) from anywhere besides the town freezes up the client big time
    • Not sure how much works(only logged in) but the linux version runs via wine.. already I can see it doesn't render everything(such as the gate portal ring)
    • Apparent bug when trying to toggle on oculus rift you crash(may or may not need one plugged in)
      • I tried this and it didn't crash me but then again I don't have one
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  3. Quine

    Quine Well-Known Member Senior Member

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    • Zero damage to monsters, is this normal?
    And also, found a way to hit the monster without being hit, but don't know how i done it.
    [Edit: The count does show the damage, but the enemies just don't die.]
    • The monsters don't Die, and when they do DISAPPEAR[Without dropping any Chest or XP] The camera freezes and i cant turn the camera, just move the character. [No flamedog, i was talking bout monsters, there's nobody that i can play against...]

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  4. flamedog

    flamedog Draeanale Senior Member Indiegogo Backer Parkour Master

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    I'm back again with more bugs :3!
    • So it's confirmed.. I've tried it when no one else is on and the desync is real... Can't see each other in town, Can't see each others chat nothing works :3!
      • It seems to have updated when the second player logged in.. but hasn't updated since
        • Example of this would be seeing my self where I used to be but not moving(I may be in the right place well.. where I used to be but It didn't updated my armor or weapon choice)
    • When trying to get up from sitting you stand up but then the sitting animation plays and you sit back down... this continuous till you try to move when getting up
    • Suffering from neko ear withdraw
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  5. Taltiana

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    Still deciding syncing? :( wanted to go on an adventure with you and snake.
  6. flamedog

    flamedog Draeanale Senior Member Indiegogo Backer Parkour Master

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    • I just noticed.. the settings page used to be under "game settings" now it's under "system settings"
    • You can still roll and cast spells
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